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Ruby Bridges

No description

Mr. Parke

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was the first black child to attend an all-white school. She went to William Frantz Elementary School. Her father was uncertain about her participating in taking the test. She volunteered to participate in the integration of the New Orleans school system.
Ruby Bridges had to walk to class with her mom and U.S. marshals due to violent mobs.
Only one teacher at the school agreed to teach her. The teacher's name was Barbara Henry.
isabelle hoak

Ruby was the only one in Barbara Henry's class. Some other student's parents would pull or threaten to take their kids out of the school. Barbara Henry was very supportive and loving to Ruby. For a whole year, they worked on Ruby's lessons just the two of them in the classroom.
On Ruby's second day of school, a women threatened to poison her. After that, Ruby had to take a lunch from home to school.
One day, a lady displayed a black doll in a wooden coffin. Ruby's mother told her to stay strong and pray on her way to school. She found praying on her way to school to help her. People would insult her. But, praying while entering the school gave Ruby courage.
Then, her family was also suffering. Her father lost his job, and her grandparents were sent off the land they had sharecropped for 25 years. Although, alot of others in the community started to show their support, too. In alot of ways. A neighbor gave her father a job, some volunteered to babysit the four kids, some watched the house as protectors, and some walked behind them on Ruby's way to school.
Near the end of the first year, things had finally began to settle down. She was allowed to visit the other students once and a while. She started to walk to school by herself. Barbara Henry and her husband had moved back to Boston. In second grade, Ruby was in a class with other students and the school started to get full enrollment again. She eventually finished grade school and had graduated an integrated school called Francis T. Nicholls High School.
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