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Healthy by Design - A Student Idea

The tension between opting health and safety welfare and best practice

Joseph Lowe

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of Healthy by Design - A Student Idea

ZERO HARM Glan Clywd Hospital
Healthy by Design
by Joseph Lowe
Best Practice ! Within industry we all aim to achieve health and safety best practice So how do we improve the design within the Glan Clywd development to ensure best practice is achieved? Firstly it is important to identify what is required then decide do we actually need it An example would be do we need air handling units (AHU's) or is manual controlled window ventilation sufficient However at times too much emphasis is placed on mitigating the risk when on site This doesn't mean by any means that its wrong to mitigate risks on site however why do they have to be there in the first place The fact remains PPE is the last line of defence where as design is the first and most powerful. Striking a balance off site and on site is therefore essential By doing this we eliminate the risk by taking the right path Use alternative materials and solutions Design in crimped fittings instead of welded or soldered fittings Pre Fabrication, Pre Fabrication, Pre Fabrication Think about operation and maintenance.
Does it operate safely - this is extra important when dealing hospitals Is risk of legionnaire mitigated through design and control i.e. de-stratification
Are LST radiators used where appropriate
Are TMV's fitted
Is resilience built into utilities
etc. These fundamental principles allow us to....... By being clinical and diligent during the design stage and driving it forward into the installation and commission ultimately ensures ..... Use fast fix basket and tray to reduce working hours Are systems adequately designed to ensure ease of maintenance
Locating centralised plant in one area
Are valves, light fittings, plant easily accessible
Do specifications call for suitable user friendly guides and O&Ms
Ensuring adequate training is given Can BIM be used from the outset.
Get it right first time therefore:
revisits are eradicated and working hours are reduced
Maintenance and higher quality O&MS
Register plant and key equipment via asset management
Flag up when maintenance is due on key items But this does not come easy, so what are the tensions? Introduction.

The project: Glan Clwyd Catheterisation Hospital & Education Centre North Wales

The scheme is part of a £12.5million development plan at the hospital and is funded by the Conwy & Denbighshire NHS Trust The project consists of a new build education block and catheterisation lab spread over two floors and roof top plantroom attached to the existing hospital So what is the aim of this presentation?

Firstly this presentation originally followed a group presentation

The aim of the presentation is to look at how the design team should approach the designs in the building in order to ensure health, safety and welfare best practice is achieved
And what are the tensions involved with this Influencing key stakeholders

Adapting to change (it's a collaborative effort)

Perception of Expense If these barriers can be broken and plans implemented collectively we may be able to move forward towards our..... Balfour Beatty Engineering Services
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