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Parties of the Pokemon Masters

Drew Wagner

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of POKEMON TOURNEY 2011

VS. VS. VS. VS. VS. VS. LOSER'S BRACKET PKMN TRAINER master Kurtis Ty TJ D Wagz C-MAN AJ CAElin Rules of battle!

1. 1st pkmn sent out must change for every battle! (ex. First battle Dragonite is first pkmn, 2nd battle charizard)
2. NO legendary! (mewtwo, groudon, zapdos, etc.)
3. Wins will be decided by best 2 out of three! you must win two battles against your opponent to move forward!
4. draw is decided by 1v1 match!
5. Championship Round is best 3 of five match!
6. No hacks! (cheat pkmn, 999 stats, etc.) POKÉMON TOURNEY
2011 Jeremy VS. VS. VS. VS. VS. VS. Championship Battle VS.
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