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M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Ta

The Beaver State
The longitude and latitude of Oregon is 44.924 N and 123.022 W.
Location And Geography
Salem is the capital and other cities are Portland, Eugene, Hillsboro, and Gresham.
Major Cities
The bodies of water that are in or by Oregon are The Columbia River, Lake Crater, and Pacific Ocean.
Bodies Of Water
The Natural Resources in Oregon are timber, fish, gold, water, and Sunstone Gem.
Natural Resources
Oregon sets a record for top 10 crops, also there are nursery, plants, cattle, and hay.
Agricultural Products
Includes production of metal, machinery, transportation, equipment, electronic devices, solar panels, and many other goods.
Manufacturing Products
The climate is temperate in Oregon.
The hottest temperature ever recorded was 119 degrees the coldest was -54 degrees.
By: Ethan Spoth
The history of Oregon has many interesting things. Mount Mazama erupted in 5677 B.C. and was 42 times as big as the Mount Saint Helens eruption. The Klamath Native Americans lived in Oregon. In the 1700's the Cascadia earthquake (8.9) caused major damage to the state. Now you know a little about Oregon's history.
Places Of Interset
Places of interest in Oregon are Oaks Amusement park, Japanese Garden, Mount Bachelor Ski Area, Crystal Ballroom, and Timberline Ski Area.
The population of Oregon is 3,930,065.
Important People
Important people born in Oregon are Ty Burell is a famous movie actor. Ndamukong Suh is a defensive lineman for the Detroit Lions. Ahamd Radshad is a famous football player.
State Symbols
State Flag
Western Meadowlark (State Bird)
Douglas Fir (State Tree)
State Abbrieviation: OR
State Motto "She flies with her own wings"
State Seal
Oregon Grape (State Flower)
Thanks For Listening

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