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Rhode Island Colony

No description

Lorin Reck

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Rhode Island Colony

Creating the Colony
~In 1636, Rodger Williams, a minister from Massachusetts found Rhode Island.
~"Williams and other colonists from Massachusetts settled in Rhode Island first." (Appleby 68)
~"Rhode Island was classified as one of the New England colonies." (Alchin)
~The major industries are fishing, manufacturing, and breweries.
~ "Fish caught were: cod, mackerel, herring, halibut, hake, bass, sturgeon, and whales." (Alchin)
~ Whale oil is very useful and valuable to the people for their lamp.
~ Farming is hard because the soil is dry.
~ They could not grow crops like wheat, but they could grow beans, rye, squash, pumpkins, and corn.
~ The summers are short and warm and the winters are cold and long.
~ Do to the long cold winters disease is hard to spread.
~ The short summers made it hard to farm because the winter would come so fast.
Local Native Americans
~ "The native tribes to Rhode Island are Narragansett, Niantic, and Wampanoag." (Native)
~ The Narragansett tribe speaks Algonkian.
~ The Niantic tribe speaks Mohegan.
~ The Wampanoag tribe speaks Algonkian.
Religious Groups
~ "The religious groups are: Baptist, Jewish, Puritan, Quakers." (Rhode)
~Our colony has free religious rights.
Rhode Island
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By: Lorin Reck and Max Kaishian
Geographical features are :~Lowlands
~Flat rolling hills
Rhode Island is a nice colony. There is long cold winters, but due to the long cold winters there is a low disease rate. Rhode Island is close to the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing is great in the rivers and ocean. The rivers provide clean drinking water. There are free religious rights here. Rhode Island is the perfect colony.
~ We are one of few colonies that can elect our own government.
~White men who owned land can vote.
~Different religions don't affect the government because there is religious freedom.
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