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No description

Kel Vin Tan

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Viva

Cheeky Mirrors Xian Cong Bending Beam Particles Systems Kel Vin Zhi Jia Ka Ho Steve Paper Behavior Scoring System HUD Icons Paper Burn Random Paper every round Grades (went through several iterations) Indication of Beam Type Filling up of Grades Level Design Path Finding/Building Game States/Behavior Collision Detection Navigation mesh, Divide walkable surfaces into tiles Irritated, Attacking, Patrolling, Suspecting, Distracted
Patrol between way points
Supporting Beam for reflection Teacher and students models and animation Procedural animation of teacher and students Start and end scenes Clock timer in classroom random sratching of head with sounds Game statistics Sounds Degeneration of Papers when Burnt Changing of correct Answers at an interval Sourcing of background music Audio indication when score changes Paper burning/burnt sounds Reflecting Beam Minimap Beam hit Viewport Beam Indicator Trigger/Spawn Beam

Hit Location Angle of Reflection Hit Targets Beam's Particle System Create texture from 2nd camera Viewport follows hit location no loss in frame rate draw on HUD Position of all actors direction display of teacher and player location of where beam lands acceleration
location collision Game hints
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