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samantha murray incas

No description

susa. acree

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of samantha murray incas

The wonderful Incas Laws the sapa inca and his family were the most important had concil of 4 apus to help rule (usuallly relatives) tax payers were men over 25 if worked hard got food and clothes harsh punishments for lying drunkenness,murder, and could lead to death Their gods Llama sarcrificed to the sun god every morning begining of each month 100 llamas are sacrifieced by being thrown in a fire if you couldn't afford llamas, guinea pigs could do just as well Their langueage Incas of Cuzco spoke Quechua as they spread their langueage it became and still s the most widely spoken Idian langueage in America To unify the empire they spread the langueage Daily life of an Inca most people worked hard llamas were raised and used to transport goods weavers wove cloth and clothes from wool alpacas wer rasied for wool farmers grew crops inca boys had their ears piereced as a part of weremony for manhood
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