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The History of Minecraft

Abigail DeMan

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Minecraft

Mojang developed Minecraft and first called it The Cave Game, this included only dirt and cobblestone. 4j Studios created the Xbox 360 version and Microsoft Studios published both May 16, 2009. Markus Perrsson (Notch) designed minecraft from the start. The talented Kristoffer Zetterstrand was the artist behind it all. Daniel Rosenfeld (C418) created the soothing music heard throughout the game.
The first block
The Cave Game came out on May 16, 2009. The name changed some time in July to Minecraft: The stone Age. Multiplayer came out on June 8, 2009, enabling players to play on the same map from different computers. Another big change was the addition of trees, which led to wooden planks. On June 20, 2009, 19 new blocks are added.
Skeletons & Zombies
August 14, 2009 a nightmare was added. Skeletons and Zombies in shining armor came to hunt you down. To stare at you through the pixelated windows of your block house. These mobs spawned in a mixed group in any random armor. At the time these creatures did not do any harm to you, but they did follow you around until you managed to outrun them.
The Evolution of Health
On August 18, 2009 Mojang released the health bar. You now take fall damage, when dropping from high heights. Another change occured two days later when they added animation to the health bar. It now blinks when you fall and it shakes when it is at 2 hearts.
The real world
August 25, 2009 things in minecraft evolved. When you generated a new world there were more cliffs, bigger, deeper caves, surface lava and the leaves of trees now dropped saplings so you could replant the trees. Lava damage and timed underwater breathing, so you don't turn into a fish. when you break a wood log you can get 3-5 wooden planks out of it. The mobs began to spawn in groups and push the player, thus creating mass, in minecraft.
Closer Every Update
August 28, 2009 through August 31, 2009 many changes took place that made it what it is today. The players arm swings when nothing is in your hand, mobs take damage and there is harsher fall damage for the player. The levels render faster, when taken damage the player gets knocked back. Mojang added the creeper, feared by all. The player can regain health by eating mushrooms. There are now arrows and the famous kill animation.
Die animation 22:00 ON MUTE
Two hearts animation On MUTE
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Abigail DeMan
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