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Agency Credentials Presentation

No description

Oana Stefancu

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Agency Credentials Presentation

OnPoint Communications Agency Ruxandra Mindruta Anastasia Psarra Roles What we offer Expertise: Ruxandra is the Comms Director at OnPoint Communications. With experience in several PR agencies she has worked on communication and social media campaigns, re-branding, copy-writing and media relations, gaining excellent skills in:
Researching OnPoint Communications is a student led communications agency based in Southampton. Our team has expertise in communications, public relations, public affairs, advertising, stakeholder engagement, event management and market insight. Our core strength is to combine innovative and young ideas with over a year’s professional industry experience in order to create a positive impact on company’s brand and reputation. About us Reputation Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Issues and Crisis Management
Creative Services
Event Management
Media Services
Market Research Research & Development Executive – Oliver Bailey

Creative Director – Diana Abu-Zuaiter

Communications Director – Ruxandra Mindruta

Strategic Director – Anastasia Psarra

Account Director – Oana Stefancu Diana Abu-Zuaiter Oliver is the Executive Researcher at OnPoint Communications, and for good reasons too. With a diverse mix of industry experience, Oliver had continually proved himself as an enthusiastic, results driven, capable individual.

Core skills in the following areas:
Market Research
Consumer Insight
Brand Strategy
Reputation Management Oliver Bailey Diana is the Creative Director of OnPoint Communications and there is no mistake why. With previous experience in a number of creative roles, Diana is a true authority on all things regarding design, with proficiency in a number of areas such as adverting, film-making, creative briefing or designing.

Diana's key skills include:
Advanced Design Software Skills
Corporate and Brand Identity
Brand Strategy Meet Oana, the Account Director, who rounds off the diverse team at OnPoint Communications and adds the finishing touch to our agency.

Oana has a long list of professional experience at a broad range of organisations across a number of industries. With all the attributes needed to make a strong team leader, her core skills comprise of:
Strategic Planning
Management Skills
Stakeholder Relations Oana Stefancu Anastasia is the Stategic Director of OnPoint Communications. Working closely with the Executive Researcher she plans the most suitable communication and tailored communication campaign for our clients. Her vast experience in the industry helped her developed valuable skills as:
Task, Team and Event Management
Persuasive Communication
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