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Teaching aids, materials, the board and designing visuals

For TTC trainees

Jennie Lazos

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Teaching aids, materials, the board and designing visuals

Fundamentally, you should try to use resources effectively.
Classroom equipment
Visual materials
Don't forget!
Institutions vary greatly in resources.
You need to be equally creative, skilled and organized.
It is you rather than the situation that makes a class effective.
The Board
write examples
write exercises
support teaching
draw diagrams
show tables
make drawings
paste images
It is very personal, people can be identified by their handwriting and style.
Clear handwriting is a matter of organization and good habits
1. Board organization is very important to create visual impact.
2. Erase what you don't need anymore. Do it periodically.
3. Write so Ss can copy making sure nothing interferes or distracts
Board drawing
real objects
Help avoiding long explanations in L1 or translations
Keep them simple
Circles and ovals + lines = facial expressions
Stick figures representing activities and movement
- background is also useful
Simple representations of common objects and places
Drawings build up a scene or sequence
Assign activity when writing on the board, so Ss use up time actively
e.g. During listening, answering exercises, etc.
Visual Materials
Alternatives to drawing:
Design material at home, use pictures or magazine clippings.Buy already made images: charts, cards, pictures, etc.
If you made your own material make sure they are clear, large enough, and use contrasting colours.
They are ready made posters size images that are usually a compilation of thematic scenes or pictures.
These are 20-25 cm square stiff cards that include clear pictures or words.
You can elicit by showing cards.
Remember to keep them in good condition with transparent adhesive plastic.
Real and imaginary objects
Visual aid brings representation into a class, however, you can actually bring a vast variety of "things" also called REALIA.
Objects can be used in presentation or practice stages
Teaching Ideas
Use your Ss' possessionse.g. calculator, wallet, phones, keys, etc...
Use realia as vocabularyrevision or extension work.
e.g. put all objects on a table, divide in teams, have teams write as many objects as they can. The team with the most correct words wins
Memory game
Show objects to learners for 1 mincover them with a clothget Ss to write as many as they can
Traditionally, audio is integrated as part of coursebook materials
This type of material brings realistic and authentic listening material to class. You may want to include dialogues, speeches or songs, just make sure to prepare an exciting and useful activity.
The use of video depends on the facilities you have at hand.
You must carefully consider objectivesPlan an exciting class around videoDO NOT play a video without a clear activity to back it up, otherwise Ss tend to feel they wasted their time.
Advantages of using materials
They help ilustrate meaning more directly and quickly.It helps cutting TTT.
They attract Ss' attention and aid concentration.
It adds variety and interest.
Makes language memorable.
Make sure:
1. Size & colour are big enough
2. Material is clear and simple
3. It matches objective
4. Everybody can see it
5. Stick it in a visible way as reference
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