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No description

Gabby Perry

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Gender

Gender Expression and Performance
Gender as an act
Judith Butler-
"Gender is an act that has been rehearsed... the script is made reality through repetition"
Gender is more than a biological definition
Oxford Dictionary:

"The state of being male or female"
Expectations of Gender
The Taming of the Shrew
Gender Identity
- Gender identity is how someone
identifies themselves.

The World Health Organisation
defines gender as the result of socially constructed ideas about behaviour, actions and roles a particular sex performs
Define Gender
Gender Expression
The way someone presents themselves
- actions
- personality
- interests
- behaviour

Judith Butler: "gender is an act that has been rehearsed... the script has then become reality through repetition."
The Directors are media, parents, teachers and society. e.g. Hollywood stars like Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift and tabloid magazines.
Society's 'one dimensional'
Destruction of stereotypes
Likes certain things
e.g. videos games, beer
Likes girly things
e.g. makeup, clothes
- Petruchio fits the male stereotype
- Katherina rejects the female stereotype.
'Taming the wildly woman to conform to his needs'
proves that powerful male in a relationship can dominate a woman and overpower her and her beliefs.
The directors are the media, teachers, parents, authors and society in general.
e.g. Hollywood/Pop figures
Miley Cyrus
Marylin Monroe
Taylor Swift
and outlets such as tabloid magazines, social media which give people an opportunity to publicize their gender and sexuality.
Who/Woman's Day/TMZ
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder
Gender in different contexts
Gender expression and performance is presented and accepted differently in different cultures.
e.g. In many places in the western world different gender identities are promoted and more commonly accepted through awareness raising in public domains such as TED Talks i.e. Sam Killerman, Hanna Rosin.
In other places i.e. the Middle East and in Arab countries, gender is a very much hidden particularly for women.
e.g. "The Subjugated Ones" by Suad Khatab Ali which told the story of the only police investigator in the U.A.E and her fight to overpower her expectations as a woman in her country.
"Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,
Thy head, thy sovereign; one that cares for thee"
Gender in different contexts

Gender over time
Marriage in Taming of the Shrew is very male dominant with the woman conforming to his needs. Gender performance was very stereotyped with the woman as a dainty flirt and a man as a strong power. Katherina does not follow this guide and is seen a untouchable, nasty, ugly, shrew
Gender in today's society is very diverse. Judith Butler describes gender as a 'performance' that we put on to fit in with expectations of society however in many cases these expectations are much broader and less harsh ad they once were. Gender role in marriages are quickly becoming more diverse and in many cases the roles are flipped with the woman becoming the breadwinner and the man being a stay at home parent, or roles are more equally shared.
Helpful class exercises in class
watching Ted x talks or reading articles and discussing them in groups was helpful in gathering a further understanding of the intentions of the writer/speaker and developing new ideas and perspectives through interacting with others.
Critical analysis of texts - annotation helped me understand meaning and context.
Watching different adaptions of Taming of the Shew helped me develop a strong understanding of the ideas and concepts expressed in the text. (watching two film adaptions and reading the play)
Reading and analysing a wide variety of text types - videos/films, articles, plays, poems, short stories, speeches.
Gender Performance
Gabrielle Perry
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