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Belva Gaertner & Beulah Annan

No description

Ambria arram

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Belva Gaertner & Beulah Annan

The Story of Belva Gaertner & Beulah Annan Men, Alcohol, and Jazz. Belva Gaertner Living the published life. Belva Gaertner, in 1924 was a
women who was acquitted in
a murder trial for shooting Walter
Law, a young car salesman, in the
seat of his car. We will now
go through and discuss how the
crime took place. On the night of March 12, 1924
Walter Law was found dead,
slumped over in his seat, shot in
the head. Police recovered an automatic pistol and a
bottle of gin from the car, that was registered to a women named Belva Gaertner, a young, twice
divorced woman. March 12, 1924 Once in her apartment, Belva was
found hysterically pacing the floor
of her apartment in blood-stained
clothes. She admitted having spent much time of the
previous day with Law, a married man with
children, drinking at various bars and jazz houses. She insisted that she was so drunk that she could not remember what happened and that she always carried a gun in case of robbers. Paying A Visit to Gaertner Off to court. Much like today, crime can be advertised as media
to make certain people famous and recognizable for what they did. This is also the case for Belva Gaertner. After being sent to jail her crime was published to the
public by Watkins' several articles on her two marriages and drama in life. Much to coincidence,
a month later another attractive woman joined Belva in jail. By Ambria Arram Belva's word was taken into consideration before
one of Law's coworkers testified that Belva being a
possessive lover. He stated that she had once threatened him with a knife when he had tried to leave her, and believed that she would have killed
him one day. This as you can imagine did not help Belva's case. She was then charged with shooting her married lover and held without bail in Cook County jail's "Murderess Row." Arrested. Guilty. That women was Beulah Annan. Beulah Annan's Story Beulah Annan, a young wife,
was born on November 18th, 1899, and died on the date March 10th, 1928. Beulah was a suspected murderess who soon after Belva gaertner was arrested for murder. We will now go into the night of her incident. The night of the murder. On April 3, Beulah Annan was charged with the shooting death of her lover, Harry Kalstedt. At first, she told investigators that she shot Kalstedt in self defense when he had tried to rape her. Police became suspicious when they spotted cups of alcohol though, leading them to believe she was entertaining that night. Soon after though, Annan admitted to having an affair with her victim.
After her own husband had left, Annan had Harry over for drinks. Harry had made a joke about breaking up with her, and supposedly she took it seriously. The killing of Harry Kalstedt. As Harry left for the door,
Annan grabbed her gun and shot him in the back as he was turned and walking. After he was shot, Annan quickly tried to distract her neighbors by playing a jazz record loudly. Wait, could they be sent free? Annan was sent to "murderess row" along with Belva Gaertner. Despite to all publication of their crimes, lawyers were hired for each of the girls. Annan had a well known mob lawyer named William w. O'brien who used her looks against the all male jury. Beulah Annan was then exonerated. Belva Gaernter's lawyers
were not blind to O'Brien's
tactics, and used Gaernter's "stylish ways" and even
some crying to persuade the jury she couldnt hurt a fly. Belva Gaernter was then acquitted. That concludes the cases of
Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan.

Thank you for watching!

By Ambria Arram Click for some lovely
jazz music.
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