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Completion Conference OCCDLA Meeting

No description

Steve Smith

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Completion Conference OCCDLA Meeting

Completion Matters Journey: Next Steps
What Does Success Look Like?
Why Should We Care?
Obvious ethical considerations but additionally ...
Increases degree/certificate completion
Increases transfer rates
Reminder: Why Are We Doing This?
We hold an annual, national conference on DL success and retention
We have our successes published in various ways and presented at various conferences
All Oregon CCs have retention and success rates equal to or better than F2F

Students with disabilities - 37% to 50 % total failure (not compared to f2f) – varies with disability (Skinner et al., 2013).

Johnson and Cuellar Mejia (2014)
WR 122 went from average of 70%, to Spring 2016 88%, Fall 2016, 90%, Winter 2017 100% for 2 sections
Wr 121 average of 64% (4 terms in 2016) to 75% for spring term 2017, Summer term 2017 92%.
Comm 218 from an average of 80% to Fall 2016 100%, Winter 2017 95%, Spring 2017 100%

For more information see ITC article by Jenn Kepka (wrting instructor) and myself: http://bit.ly/2yblti0
Its Hard
18% lower for African American students
16% lower for Latino students
16.5% lower for part-time students
Performance funding

Continue to provide access
Reduces student debt

3 years ago we said, Oregon Community Colleges will be seen as a national leader in distance learning success and retention.
Conference Grant Award
Awarded $17,600 for event coordinator, faculty stipends, keynote speaker, administrative costs

Proposed Tentative Dates
Conference date would be Wednesday 10-4, in October, 2018 as part of the OCCDLA meeting at Lane
November 2017 to February - promoting call for proposals
February 28 call for proposals deadline
February 28 - March 15, committee review of proposals
March 15 notification to presenters
April publication of conference sessions
May - September, conference promotion
Proposed Tentative Topics/Tracks
Focus on Course Completions
Presentations aimed at faculty/instructional designers
Student services
Using data analytics
Student readiness
11 to 14 percentage points lower than F2F
Some Examples of Success at LB
In a study of all California CCs
At LB, 687 more students would have completed 2404 credits for a savings of $240,450 in the last three years if face-to-face and online course completion rates were the same
What Are Your Stories/Successes?
How Can We Share?
Oregon Community Colleges On the Rise to be seen as a national leader in distance learning success and retention.
Oregon Community Colleges on the rise to be seen as a national leader in distance learning success and retention.
Oregon Rising Up. Even Bruce Supports It.
Help Find Presenters
Next Steps
Confirm Dates/Location/Topics
Identify Potential Presenters
Organize Proposal Review Committee
Introducing Jenn Kepka, Event Coordinator (Writing Instructor at LB)
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