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SME Parent Info Night 2015-2016

No description

Stephanie Clayton

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of SME Parent Info Night 2015-2016

Please review the weekly newsletter that is sent via email and is posted on our classroom website: www.mrsclaytonscorner.weebly.com
Check and sign your child’s Conduct folder daily.
Check and empty your child's SME folder every Tuesday.
Please send the folder back on Wednesday
Sign and return paperwork
Please put a change of clothes in your child's backpack.
Your child needs to wear tennis shoes everyday.
Spirit Day is every Friday so they can wear SME colors (green, yellow) or an SME shirt.
How to Help
Letters and letter sounds
Write first and last name correctly (top to bottom and left to right)
Decode and blend words
Read and make connections
Writing sentences and stories
Numbers and math concepts
Simple scientific concepts
Social Studies- Me, Family, Community, Country
The Basics
We Will Learn

7:30-8:00am (cost: $1.25)
10:30-11:00am (cost: $2.25, milk: $0.40)
You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child, but please check in at the front office to get a name tag first.
Please only bring food for your child and yourself.
You will sit at the parent table with your child.
1:15pm (after Outclass)
If your child wants a snack please send a
snack and water. Water needs to be in a container with a spill proof top please.
& Snack
Report Cards:
They will be sent home every nine weeks.
Thursday after nine weeks
Please sign and return the report card envelope each nine weeks.
Conference Days:
District designates two days. On these days, the children will get out at 12:10pm.
Friday, October 9th
Friday, February 12th
You will get an email from me soon with the link to sign up for parent conferences through
Sign Up Genius
Conference Time:
12:30-1:15pm or after school
Report Cards &
Doors open at 7:30am, tardy at 8:10am
If they arrive after 8:10am, please bring them to the front office to get a tardy slip.
Please use the sign provided for car rider
You must come in the building after 3:30pm to pick up your child.
Please send a note or email if there is a change in the way your child goes home.
If you're late picking up your child, please call or email me so your child isn't concerned.
Rainy Day Dismissal:
Your child will go to their usual place unless you tell us differently.
Arrival and Dismissal
The children are allowed to bring store-bought cupcakes or cookies. We encourage mini cupcakes so they don't go to waste.
Check to see the current number of students in the class (21).
Please drop them off at the front office before 1:00pm.
Invitations can be passed out at school as long as every child gets an invitation in the class or every boy or girl gets an invitation.
Be Responsible
Be Attentive
Be Polite

If a child clips up to green, they get glitter hands and something out of the treasure box. We also have a "Camper of the Week" and a "Star Sparkler of the Week" to encourage positive behavior.

The explanation of discipline management is inside your child's conduct folder. Please remember to sign and return each day so we can work together to help your child be successful at school.

Class Rules
Students are absent at 10:00am unless they were at the doctor and return to school with a doctor's note.
Notes for anticipated absences should be sent to Mrs. Craig 3 days before the absence to determine if it will be excused.
If they miss 5 consecutive days, they must have a note stating the reason for the absence upon returning to school.
Please write the note on a full sheet of paper. Include the date of absence(s), your child’s name, and his/her teacher’s name. You can also email if you'd rather do that.
Please complete and return all paperwork from the first week of school.
If it is given at school, it must be in the original container with instructions about dosage. You will need to bring this to the nurse. It cannot be in your child's backpack.
General Information
Arrival and Dismissal
General Information
Report Cards & Conferences
Breakfast, Lunch, Snack
Class Rules
The Basics We Will Learn
How to Help
Contact Info
Parent Info Night Agenda

Sugar Mill Elementary
Welcome to
Sugar Mill!

Email: Stephanie.Clayton@fortbendisd.com
Phone: 281-634-7116
Write me a note

Parent Communication is so important to me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for your support!
Contact Info
Thank you for coming to Parent Info Night! It's going to be a great year!

Welcome!!! My name is Stephanie Clayton and this is my fourth year of teaching Kindergarten at Sugar Mill Elementary.

I grew up in Mesquite, a suburb of Dallas, Tx. In 2009, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Houston–Victoria.

That same year, I also met my husband, Terrace, whom I later married in February 2011. We have an 18 month old daughter, Kallee. We love her dearly and we are enjoying seeing her little personality develop. We also have a dog that we adopted and her name is Sheba. Kallee and Sheba are the best of friends!
My Family
Read with your child every night (15-20 minutes)
In a few weeks, your child will have a Reading Folder that will include books that is on his/her reading level. It is a great way to build reading fluency, increase comprehension, and build confidence. This folder will go to and from school every day.
Write first and last name (top to bottom and left to right)
Count and write numbers 0-20
Identify numbers 0-20 out of order
Match letters and sounds
Use letter-sound knowledge to write unknown words
Identify the word wall words (WWW)
End of the Year
Field Trip:
Houston Zoo (May)
I would love for you to chaperone if you're interested
Background checks can be done on the FBISD website
Awards Ceremony:
In SME Cafeteria (May)
Students can receive:
Certificate of Completion
Perfectly Punctual (no tardies)
Perfect Attendance (no absences)
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