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The Black Widow

No description

John Miller

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of The Black Widow

A little note
I just wanted to thank you for watching my prezi on the Western Widow. Thank you!
By, Angela
The Western Widow
There are six different types of black widows, but the one native to San Diego is the Western Widow. She is 3.5 cm in full length. She is black, and shiny. Her hourglass is red, and sometimes yellow, orange and white. The male is light brown, with darker markings. He is half as size as the female, but he has longer legs.
Interesting Facts
The Western Widow get its name because when a woman husband is killed, that woman is called a widow. They live up to a year and a half. Their poison is fifteen times stronger than a rattlesnake bite.
I learned many things about the Western Widow. I had fun researching, writing, and making this presentation.
San Diego county has many native animals living in our habitat. For my report, I chose the Western Widow. I chose it because I think they're unique.
The Western Widow's habitat are in many places. Their habitat includes ledges, beneath rocks, in plants, and under trashcan handles.
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