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ERS coaching Cycles


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Transcript of ERS coaching Cycles

Effective implementation required a deliberate teaming structure with collaborative planning time to group & regroup students based on data

Coaching Cycles:


Match Community Day
has developed a comprehensive, rigorous cycle of professional development to support teachers and improve instruction.
Students with Disabilities
English Language Learners

For more info on
Match Community Day School:

Match Community Day School - Boston, MA
Match Community Day School is an elementary school in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.
Through whole group professional development, instructionally focused team meetings, and individual observation and coaching cycles, teachers are given adequate time and practice to focus on a specific instructional strategy until they demonstrate mastery.
It is part of the Match Education Public Charter School network, which operates four schools in the greater Boston area.
Match Community Day students typically enter far below grade level, but make significant academic gains.

Economically Disadvantaged
Match Community Day provides a continuous feedback loop for teachers that focuses on a single topic or strategy.
Teachers have a variety of opportunities to practice the strategy and receive feedback from experts in a supportive, growth-minded environment.
The school’s instructional leadership team plans whole group professional development for the entire teaching team on a singular instructional focus.

Whole Group Professional Development
English Language Learners
The observer reviews observation data with teachers 1:1 and they collaboratively determine strategies for improvement. Teachers can also use coaching time to practice a particular skill.

The instructional leadership team conducts observations of teachers, sometimes with video, and norm on what they see in classrooms. Observations help identify additional whole-group professional development needs as well we individual coaching needs.
Grade Level Teams
The principal follows up on PD sessions in grade team meetings to discuss how the strategy can be implemented.
Individual Coaching
How did they do this?
Match Community Day has an early release day for students every week to provide 2 hours of uninterrupted time for whole group professional development

Teachers have at least 60 minutes of time twice per week to meet in teacher teams or with instructional leaders 1:1 in coaching meetings

Common norms and protocols ensure that collaborative planning time is meaningful and productive
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