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AMBA Android App

An mHealth App - Survey of Expecting mothers and their new borns

Sachin Palewar

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of AMBA Android App

AMBA About Me & AppWale About AMBA App Scope in Future Sachin Palewar, Founder - AppWale

We create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

www.appwale.com or www.palewar.com


@palewar on Twitter Create an effective tool to replace paper survey forms
easy to use
and practical
Take photos
GPS aided data entry
Barcode Scanning
Basically there is no limit to how you use technology Adarsh
Avoiding Mata
Mother Bal
Baby Arogya
Ailments Va
& Challenge
Tablets? Akash? Phone?
Akash was most affordable but didn't work well. Android was easy OS choice Which Hardware? Marathi UI
One Question Per Screen
XML file contains questions
Server at LMRF office, a normal PC into server
Using Webservice to transfer data REST/ JSON
'sometimes connected' model. Upload button

Pilot is already on and going down well at various PHCs Advantages of App No need to fill, transfer and store paper forms.
No incomplete entry allowed like paper forms
No incorrect entry. Wrong expected delivery date.
Huge time saving
Efficiency of whole operation is improved
RO can focus on other important things

Pilot is already on and going down well at various PHCs
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