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Animal and Plant Game

No description

Mike Graham

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Animal and Plant Game

Question 2
True or false, a jelly fish is an invertebrate?
The Animal and Plant Question Game
By:Caitlin,Maddox,Gabe,Olivia,and JD
Before we start the game let's explain the rules.

There will be a question on the screen and your group has to answer it.

If you get it right your team gets a certain amount of points.If you get it wrong you lose some points.

At the end the team who gets the most points wins.

Good luck and have fun!

Question 1
An Animal has smooth
skin, is cold blooded, and hatched from an egg. Which group of vertebrates is that animal in?
Question 4
an animal has fur, doesn't lay eggs
and lives on land. which group of vertebrates is this animal in?
Question 3
earn 50 points if your team named three invertebrates correctly
Name three invertebrates
question 6
if a plant has a tubelike structure what is it called?
a vascular plant
Question 8
Name three flowering plants
If you correctly named three flowering plants your team earns 50 points
Question 7
If a plant passes water and nutrients from cell to cell what is it called
a nonvascular plant
Question 9
scientist classify insects, spiders, and crabs as...
question 5

name three mammals
if you correctly named three mammals your team earns 50 points
Thanks for playing!
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