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Harriet Edwards

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Evaluation In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? What have you learned from your audience feedback? How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? The usage of isolation Is a common feature in horror films and we opted to use this idea in our piece.
The dark colour's featured within most of the shots within our piece also comply with the horror genre. However as we were creating a hybrid with the fantasy genre we also used brighter colour's to create a contrast between the two. Horror films typically use the colour red to help justify the genre, they also tend to feature blood. In our trailer we took this into consideration and to add a lack of normality we inserted a clip featuring a character washing blood of their hands in a sink. As both the horror and fantasy genres tend to depict their more sinister/evil characters in darker colour's, we thought it best to put the Cheshire cat and the Queen of hearts in darker colour's. However as we decided that the cat would not be entirely and evil character we opted to contrast the norm by adding a splash of colour to the characters costume. The usage of the blue we thought would also give the character a link to our main character of Alice. The typical colour's used within the fantasy films tend to by light and bright with a slight computer affected glow about them. We oppted to comply to this norm yet to comply to the conventions of the horror genre we contrasted these bright colours with darker once, thus creating a balance in colours.
The usage of the blurred affect is often used in horror films to create the sense of disorientation, fantasy films also use it to emphasis colours and so we opted to use a similar effect in our trailer to portray a sense of lack of normality for the scene featuring the drink me bottle and eat me cake. As red is a colour typically featured in horror films as well as assosiated with evil characters in both horror and fantasy films the usage of it in the costume of the red queen although only breifly featured in our trailer helps to connected it with the conventions of already made pieces. To maintain continuity between the the products we kept the same font for the title of the film as well as using similar colours for test pertaining to the film. such texts include the billing block, and tag lines. The main link that can clearly be seen between the tree products is the clock. we use a pocket watch image for the poster an magazine which is only slightly altered on each, and to tie it all to the trailer we used a ticking noise behind the the backing track. We tried to keep a similar colour scheme in all three tests so they linked better together. we opted for a darkened colour pallet with minimal colours playing on the blue for the character of Alice, the black to give it a more of a horror feel and then we used gold to tie together the pocket watch with everything else. To get feedback for out piece we presented our trailer to an audience and asked them to fill out a questionnaire to tell us their thoughts on our entire media package. Positive Feedback "Cleaver use of a well-knows story, now given a new twist" "The editing was good" "I think the three products link well, which is key in films" "I liked the central image on the magazine as it made the girl look trapped" "I Loved the trailer" "I liked the unusual edgy use of black and white in the layout of the poster" "I liked the soundtrack on the trailer the best" "I liked that the trailer was dark, intriguing, sinister and provided a number of questions" "what I liked best about the magazine was the strong imagery and the colours which I felt made it look sinister" Negative Feedback "some of the font on the magazine is to small" "The speaking could be clearer" "Lack of variety/range of colour, needs to be more vibrant" "This image in the middle is pixelated" "Maybe alter the size of the clock" "Not slick enough" "The characters give away to little" "On the magazine I would change the positioning of the text/margins as well as the sharpness." "The blue band at the bottom of the magazine needed to stand out a little more." I understand the importance of this critical feed back and welcome it kindly.
Although I can see where many of the critics are coming from that does not however mean that I necessarily agree with the feedback they gave.
For instance I believe that the blue band at the bottom of the magazine actual stand out fairly well and does not need altering.
I also disagree that some of the fonts on the magazine are to small as I think they are perfectly adequate.
I agree that the image of the clock on both the poster and Magazine is pixelated however we intentionally left the image with this effect as we though it seemed to deplace it from reality.
With the characters I agree that they give away to little about the piece however we initially wanted the trailer to leave the audience asking questions. However I now feel after obtaining this response that perhaps we could have included a little bit more information to help the audience out a little more. While conducting Planning and research for my work I used a variety of different programs. I also used the programs in evaluation. Programs used include: Research While conducting research for my trailer, magazine and poster I used search engines such as Google where I searched for already made products of a similar film genre as the one I had chosen. I also looked for products on a whole just to see how they were constructed to give me an idea of what to do.
While using Google I also used image search to locate pictures of film posters and magazines to help me with the layout and construction of my own poster/magazine, that way it would look as real as possible
I also used websites such as YouTube to view real trailers of the same genre. This helped me to see how different ones had been constructed, what was included in the trailer and gave me a better idea of what to do for my trailer. The main software I used throughout every stage of the construction process from research and planning till the final construction of the final product was Weebly.com. Webbly acted as a form of blog to keep track of all my work. I liked using this software as it was easy to use and I was able to make my work look more professional.
Weebly was very useful as it allowed me to embed images and multimedia files such as film footage from youtube and presentations from websites such as prezi.
Prezi was another easy to use software which I found to be very useful. I used this software to create/present work on genre and my evaluation. This also helped to make my work look a little bit more interesting. Prezi allowed for me to imbed photos and video from youtube which i found to be another useful feature. I used word to create my questionnaire to obtain feed back for my work. I also used the software to create collages of images to represent my chosen genre which I then imported into paint to turn it into a image which I could add to my blog. Construction During the construction stage I used the imac to operate the various software's such as imove and take the video footage or the cameras and create the trailer.
We used a Samsung video camera to film the trailer, poster analysis and history of genre. A tripod was used to prevent the shot from being shake apart from in the running part of the trailer and when the character was walking up to the table of food where we held the camera to create a more natural movement.
For the pictures of locations, props and costumes we used a regular camera to take the stills.
Once all the filming was complete we uploaded it to the imac into imove there we were able to cut the footage together add visual effects and change running spread to construct the footage. We were then able to upload it to our blogs using YouTube. To create the poster and magazine cover we used two different software's. These included InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and iphoto. The main product was made in InDesign which we were taught how to use by our teach. This was an easy software to use and very helpful. Photoshop another easy software allowed us to cut around images so we only got the part that we wanted to use for our work. Iphoto was used after we had finished the poster and magazine. We took a screen shot of the final image then cropped it using iphoto saving it as a jpeg image which we could then upload onto our blogs. Microsoft movie maker was used to create the small music videos for genre featured on fantasy and horror documentary on the research page of my media site. I like using this software as I am able to use it to string together stills into animated images along side gifs to get my message across. The software is straight forwards and simple to use yet the finished product is then easily able to be loaded onto YouTube from where it can be inserted onto my coursework site or onto a prezi such as this. The software is also useful for recording voice overs, adding transition effects to the footage as well as other effects such as speeding up and slowing down. We used the imac for my work as it had the most advanced software available at my school. The software was the easiest to use and it was better then the other computers in terms of technology and software available to use in creating each part of the film package. The software I used on the imac included, imovie, firefox, photoshop, iphoto, and InDesign. The software I used to create the trailer itself was imovie. I liked using this software as it was simple to use and there were a number of opportunities to add visual effects, alter sound in terms of volume and with sound effects, and there was also option for easy upload of the product to YouTube.
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