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WAR OF 1812

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Dan Hager

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of WAR OF 1812

WAR OF 1812
President Thomas Jefferson
War between Great Britain and France resulted in the seizure of American Ships and, at times, the impressment of Americans into the British Navy
Reasons for the success or failure of Jefferson's response:
President James Madison
Great Britain seized American Ships and Sailors and was thought to have encouraged Native American attacks on American Settlers
Reasons for the success or failure of Madison's response:
Embargo Act on 1807
Cuts off trade with Europe
Cripples the American Economy
Forces Smuggling
Repealed in 1809
War of 1812 (The Second Revolution)
England and the United States grow further appart
War Hawks want war (John Calhoun and Henry Clay)
War is back and forth - No one wins
Chesapeake Incident
England helps Tecumseh and the Native American confederacy - Provides them with arms
War Hawks lead war effort
1812 - Madison asks congress to declare war
US Navy wins on Lake Erie
1814 - England attacks Washington (Burns down the White House)
Battle of New Orleans - Andrew Jackson
Treaty of Ghent - 1814
U.S. is truly independent
Increased Nationalism within the U.S

(Era of Good Feeling)
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