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Mayan Culture

Mayan housing, clothing, food, and more

Grace Wise

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Mayan Culture

MAYAN CULTURE HOUSING Ancient mayan houses were made of perishable matterials. A lot includes; a hut, a well, a latrine, a chicken coop, a gardes, an a rustic roofed barn CLOTHING Women wore a
hupil which is a shirt with a decorative neck. Married men wore duller colors than those that were single. FOOD They grew maize, tomatoes,
squash, pumpkins, papaya,
and guava. ENTERTAIMENT The Mayans played a ball game. If they lost, they died and their skulls were kept on the fields as a reminder. This is the Mayan ruins No one knows why the Mayans fell It is still a mystery TEN FACTS The ancient Mayans ate monkeys They had excellent doctors They developed astronomy They shaped their children's heads when they were babies They did human sacrifices They built elaborate pyramids The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 They had saunas They used pain killers The last Mayan state existed in 1697
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