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Antigone Gender roles

No description

Cameron Smith

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Antigone Gender roles

Men and women were not equal in Greek culture and especially in Antigone Ismene Creon Antigone Conclusion Line 76, when Antigone is telling Ismene her plan to bury her brother,Ismene says, " We must remember that by birth we're women, and, as such, we shouldn't fight with me. Since those who rule are much more powerful, we must obey in this and in events which bring us even harsher agonies."

This shows that Ismene believes that since she is a woman, that she does not have any power. She thinks that she cannot stand up for what she believes in, just based on her gender. Line 600, Creon says, "No woman's going to govern me - no, no - not while I'm still alive."

This shows that creon believes that women should not make any decisions and that he has power over them. He thinks that Antigone is burying her brother only to defy him. Then, as Antigone tries to defend herself and give him advice, he will not listen, saying that since she is a woman that he shouldn't listen to her. Line 500, Antigone says to Creon, I admit it. I won' t deny that." and line 505, Antigone also says, I'd heard of it. How could I not? It was public knowledge.

Antigone says this to Creon when he asks her if she knew of the laws that he made against burying Antigone's dead brother. She says that she did know of these laws when she did it. This shows that she knows she has strength to do her own thing. She isn't just going to let men control her and she has power too. These quotes show that in ancient Greek culture, the men were much more powerful than women. Most women did not have any rights at all, Antigone and Ismene though had a little bit of freedom since they were royalty. They were still considered weak and unimportant. Ismene believes that she should not act against the men since she is just a woman. Antigone wants to challenge that concept though because Creon, the ruler will not allow her to bury her brother. She acts against him though and buries him anyway doing what no woman would ever think to do. Gender Roles in Antigone Line 61, Ismene says to Antigone, "We are women; it is not for us to fight against men; our rulers are stronger than we, and we must obey in this, or in worse than this."

This quote from Ismene suggests that she believes she is weaker than men since she is a woman, and because of that, she and Antigone should just obey Creon and the laws that man makes Ismene
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