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Darfur/Sudan Genocide

No description

Rebecca Krueger

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Darfur/Sudan Genocide

Darfur Conflict 2003-2007 Profiles of the Dominant and Minority Groups Outside Support, the American Response, and other Events and Issues Reaction From the Outside World First Response:
The African Union sent 7,000 peacekeeping troops

Rebel divisions made help nearly impossible Outside Support and Assistance The Three Theories Planned to sent a force of 26,000 peacekeeping troops into Darfur in 2006

Many member nations did not cooperate

Were refused by the African Union who wanted the conflict to stay an African issue The UN Response Dominant Group Dominant vs. Minority Groups Symbolic Interaction Conflict Theory First took notice in 2003

Did not intervene at first

Issued a formal warning to Sudan Response from the U.S The group with the most power, greatest privileges and highest social status Fighting started within the tribes
Power struggle between people and government
Fight for natural resources
Fight between the rebels and the government
Government is mostly Arab
Rebels are mostly African
Government wants to wipe out everyone with different beliefs than them
Government believes that they need to kill to keep control Minority Group People who are singled out for unequal treatment based on physical (racial) or cultural (ethnic) differences Sent investigators to interview rebels

Decided that the Sudanese government was committing genocide

UN research said they could not prove a full-fledged genocide at the time When conditions did not improve... Land
Competition between herders and farmers
Drought in 1980s turned land into desert
Made resources scarce so fights broke out
Government run by Arabs want to keep control
African rebels want to take control of the government Dominant Group Dominant Group and Minority Group in the Darfur Conflict The U.S became the leading contributor of aid

Sent $4 billion to relief groups since 2005

Contributed 25% of all funding

Built 34 camps for African Union peacekeepers Support Sudan's economically elite Minority Group The non-Arab Masalit ethnic group Many said the U.S. was not taking it seriously enough

Kept delaying major action

Rallies and demonstrations were held Criticism Several conflicts attracting global attention, especially in the Middle East

U.S. had wars and troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

2003-2005, revolutions overthrew governments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Lebanon

Palestine continued its conflict in Israel

Many countries were distracted at this point in time Other global events Race What distinguishes the minority group from the dominant group? Economic Class Where is Darfur Located? North vs. South Tensions Begin Sudan favored its Muslim Arab ethnic groups and discriminated against Darfur's Muslim African ethnic groups Discrimination Begins Darfur Both sides are mostly Muslims Differences Herders vs. Farmers Arabic vs. African Sudanese Government Split the Province of Darfur Dominant and Minority Group Leaders Dominant Arabic Elite Minority African Group Sudanese president Omar Hassan Bashir Hassan al-Turabi History of the Issue Discrimination Favored the Muslim Arab community and discriminated against Muslim African groups Split of Darfur The Facts 400,000 dead 300,000 from direct violence child soldiers 2.7 million displaced 80% women and young girls Child Soldiers 8,000 in Sudan 6,000 in Darfur as young as 8 all rebel groups use them Helped directly kill 300,000 Resolution U.S. declared genocide in 2004 1st time ever while still happening UN and U.S. sent aid Attacks on aid Still going on
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