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Chad Sindaco

on 9 October 2018

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Transcript of Universe

Energy travels in waves
as wavelength of sound changes, so does the pitch
DOPPLER EFFECT: a change in wavelength that occurs as a result of movement
moving closer = shorter wavelength = higher pitch
moving away = longer wavelength = lower pitch
each color has its own wavelength
each gas has its own spectral fingerprint which can be used to identify the gas giving off the light
as wavelength of light changes, so does the color or location of the spectral fingerprint on the wavelength scale
sometimes astronomy can be tough to "get" ... you will have to tune in and pay close attention so that you too, can "get it"
DOPPLER EFFECT: a change in wavelength that occurs as a result of movement
moving towards = shorter wavelength = Blue Shift
moving away = longer wavelength = Red Shift
amplitude - height of wave
wavelength - distance from crest to crest of wave
frequency - number of waves that pass in a given time interval
if the amplitude or wavelength/frequency is changed the data that will be observed will also be changed
"yes ... it's the apparent change in the frequency of a wave caused by relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer ... "
Blue -shorter wavelength
Red -longer wavelength
identity - spacing of lines
movement - placement on
Theory - an explanation that ties together many hypotheses and observations. The hypotheses have been tested over time gathering evidence to support the theory.
Big Bang Theory - approximately 13.7 billion years ago the contents of Universe was compressed under extreme pressure, temperature and density in a very tiny spot. Then, the Universe rapidly expanded, and matter began to come together and form galaxies.
building blocks (H, He, Li)
continued expansion
BIG Bang Evidence
Doppler Review
Hubble examined the spectra of galaxies and found a relationship between the distance of a galaxy and its speed ...
Hubbles Law: the distance of a galaxy from Earth is proportional to its speed ... the further the galaxy the faster it is moving
This supports the idea of an expanding Universe that formed from "singularity"
the initial building blocks are the elements with the most basic structure ~ Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium
Cosmic Background
If the big bang theory is correct, scientists determined what the 'temperature' of the universe should currently be. This "temperature" should be present as an "afterglow" of microwave energy ... why microwave??

As the universe expands, it becomes less dense allowing the enormous amount of energy released from the big bang to "cool off" and spread out ... what started out as VERY HOT should now be about 3 kelvin or about 270 degrees celsius below zero (VERY COOL).

This "temperature" is found in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The image above shows the instruments that were used to measure the background radiation.
(See links below diagram for further reading)
Red Shift supports the concept of an expanding Universe
Universe - all space and time along with all the matter and energy in space
Key Terms

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Spectrum (spectra)
Doppler Effect (sound & pitch, light & color shift)
Red Shift
Blue Shift
Big Bang
Hubble's Law
Background Radiation (microwave)
Doppler Effect
Red Shift
Hubble's Law
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