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Great Migration from Britain (1815-1850)

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Student 21 Student 21

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Migration from Britain (1815-1850)

Great Migration
from Britain 1815-1850 Push and Pull Factors Problems During This Time Overpopulation Barriers That Britain Faced Getting To Canada Barriers They Faced While In Canada Mode of Transportation
to Canada Push Factors Pull Factors From 1815-1817 From 1832-1849 From 1818-1831 15,700 people had immigrated to
Canada, more so seeking for a
better life. 66,000 people had immigrated
to Canada, searching for a
better paying job because in
Britain, jobs were
limited, and harder to get. ~ Over population
~ to escape economic hardship
~ poor harvests
~ job losses due to increased mechanization
~ failure of local industries
~ trade between Britain and Europe collapsed
under France's foreign policy
~ Napoleonic and American wars

The British families that chose to migrate to Canada specifically left Britain for the reasons above, it was affecting their life in to many ways and the parents wanted to let their children live a good life and not live in poverty eventually. ~ The United Kingdom was creating
shipping routes
~ permanent homes were established
~ easier to get and good paying jobs were available
~ there was no "depression" hitting Canada
~ available land to farm
~ get a better education for themselves
and their children

Britain loved Canada at the time and still is very
"fond" of Canada, so they knew it would be an amazing
place to live peacefully and not have
to worry about being in poverty
or be a lack of food because of the amazing
farming land. Britain only had one type of transportation to get to Canada in between 1815-1849, they could only reach Canada by steam
ships, each steam ship carried approximately 100-200 passengers.
During this time there was a huge jump of population in Canada, there was 50 births per thousand population, mortality rate was approximately 25 per thousand and the population overall doubled every 25 years. Once they had paid their way to Canada all they had to do was find a place to live, and get a good paying job to survive in Canada without going into poverty. It was farely challenging while in Canada to get a good job because there were so many immigrants that had got the jobs. The British Immigration occurred from
1815-1850, they immigrated all
over Canada. In the gap of 35 years
over 560,000 people from Britain
had immigrated to Canada. By this time 109,000 people had come from the British Isles to Canada. The Number of Immigrants
to Canada The Napoleon war was in the middle of
ending so no one was allowed to
come into Britain or leave there at the time and the only way to get to Canada was a steamship so if they didn't have the money they had to sneak on our not migrate. ~When the British had arrived to Canada they brought the cholera disease that killed many Canadians. Year 1815 700 Amount Of Immigrants 15,000 1818 1824 66,000 1849 109,000
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