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Horizon Consulting Project

No description

Brian D

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Horizon Consulting Project

Understanding the delivery of healthcare...
can be CONFUSING...
Attempting to OPTIMIZE delivery of care?
Where is the ONLY place to start?
Understanding the delivery of healthcare...
can be CONFUSING...
Attempting to OPTIMIZE delivery of care?
Where is the ONLY place to start?
Horizons Healthcare is an LLC that funds itself through providing consulting advice to a client base comprised of healthcare clinics, as well as creating new healthcare clinics.

We will provide consulting services, from increasing profitability, to completely restructuring existing healthcare clinics - for a negotiable consulting fee. This fee can be paid for a one time service, or the clients can pay for long term consulting services.

The clinics we assist in creating will also become a stream of revenue for us, as they will pay 5% of profits towards Horizons Healthcare.
The start up costs will total to around $115,000 due to the fluctuating costs of goods. This includes all office supplies, rent, travel costs and more. We will take out a $150,000 loan at a 5% interest rate.

Our profit will be distributed in two ways; at the end of the year, the net income for the company will be tallied, and a percentage of the profit will be distributed to all employees as a bonus. The rest of the profit will be reinvested into the company, to assist in expanding the number of employees we can retain.

Mission Statement

Horizons Healthcare exists to assist in providing adequate healthcare services to those who need it most. We strive to help create, coordinate, and support affordable healthcare clinics in low income areas to help provide much needed medical assistance. Our mission is to provide every person in the United States access to the medical care that they deserve, and we will ensure affordability and quality to those we serve. Through the establishment of new emergency healthcare clinics, to the support we give to existing clinics, we strive for professionalism and excellence in healthcare.


To assist in creating new low cost healthcare clinics in low income areas by partnering with hospitals and local cities

To locate funding that hospitals and cities can use to expand and improve upon their healthcare network

To provide high quality consulting assistance to hospitals and healthcare clinics to ensure that they are able to provide high quality healthcare services to those in need, while still remaining efficient and profitable.

To begin expansion of our services to other populations hubs within 10 years of startup.

To maintain a minimum of 15 clients per year, by our 5th year of operation
Organizational Structure
Job Descriptions
Senior Business Administrator: Handles the operational, organizational and managerial responsibilities of our company.

Junior Business Administrator: Handles the promotion and marketing of the business and attends business meetings, events and industry functions.

Senior Healthcare Administrator: The senior healthcare administrator will serve as the subject matter expert who will guide clients who want to open a new clinic through the process.

Junior Healthcare Administrator: The junior healthcare administrator will act to support the senior healthcare administrators during consulting projects.

Lawyer: Healthcare lawyers will work along side the senior healthcare administrator and the clients to provide legal counsel pertaining to licensing, reimbursement, risk management, malpractice litigation, and general management issues.

Human Resource Manager: The HR manager will take care of recruiting and staffing. Additionally they will handle compensation and benefits administration.

Hours of Operation

One element that Horizon Healthcare aims to achieve is increased access. Therefore, we attempt to accommodate the many different schedules our clients may have.

Monday through Friday

240 days per year - observing all federal holidays
Projected Volume Statistics & Staffing
Revenue Generation

Marketing and Need
Statistics indicate that emergency care centers in low income areas are filled with non urgent patients whose ailments could be readily addressed by a physician
Individuals who lack insurance typically lack access to a physician, and so their only access to medical attention is within emergency care centers
Through funding from Horizon Healthcare, clinics in low income areas will be provided with resources to address their needs.

Identifying Target Market
To identify the need we will be looking at pre-existing hospitals which lack clinics
Target hospitals will ideally be located in low income areas
Our team will research data on non urgent medical issues in those emergency care centers, along with available information on income averages and costs of medical services.
If a hospital is deemed to be in need of our services we will provide the necessary funding and support for the infrastructure and resources
Product & Price
Promotion for Horizon Healthcare will include:
flyers in hospital and health establishments
publications in medical journals along with business cards
Social media such a Facebook will be used to receive continual feedback on services
Each client that we work with will be given a quarterly survey to assess their level of satisfaction with the service they have been provided.

Interns will be responsible for occasionally reaching out to our client base to inquire about any concerns that they may have with our service, and to see if there is anything else that we can do for them.

Employees will be evaluated yearly based on a multifactor analysis of their productivity within the company.

Quarterly employee wide meetings will be held to discuss the current status of the company, as well as to collect ideas that employees might have that could potentially increase profitability and success of the company and mission.
Five Year Budget

The product provided by Horizon Healthcare will be consultations for existing clinics in need of updating, and funding for hospitals which lack clinics
Prices for consultations will depend on the size of the hospital and the amount of work needed. This will range from $150,000 to $200,000 depending on the size of the healthcare clinic. A onetime consulting fee will range from $50,000 to $75,000. Horizons Healthcare may also contract with a company for a retainer fee that varies on responsibilities and length of time.
Hospitals that are in need of an entirely new clinic will have an arranged payment plan for 5% of their annual revenue
1099 New York Avenue, NW Washington DC
This location is in central DC in the business district.
This location is ideal because it is near potential donors and is in close proximity to legislative bodies that can be used for funding.
Projected Volume Statistics & Staffing
5-7 large projects/year (12 months)
5-6 onetime consulting
Retainer fees
Vary depending on depth of consulting & size

Revenue for Horizon Healthcare will be generated from our consulting fees, which will vary including one-year contracts, onetime service fees and retainer fees. Income after the first year will equal out to approximately 1,500,000 dollars.
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