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Victoria's Secret

No description

Stephanie Perez

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret
Bargaining Power of the Buyer
Victoria’s Secret is always changing their clothing
Looks and products are fresh and up-to-date
Customers are always put first
High quality products
Bargaining Power of the Supplier
High quality products & best quality raw material suppliers
Products are tested by customers and associates
Victoria’s Secret chooses their suppliers
Oeko Tex
Uncertainty in the economic situation
Brand integrity

Threat of Substitute
Victoria’s Secret’s Competitors:
Tommy Hilfiger
Leslie Galdamez
Stephanie Perez
Natalie Coto
Michelle Handal Lopez
Michele Traverso

Vera Wang
Calvin Klein
Victoria’s Secret can enhance their website
Expanding stores to other countries
Victoria’s Secret fashion show
Recommendation Strategy
Pink should consider narrowing their target audience
Include plus size models and clothing
"Perfect Body Campain"
The Perfect Body
Dove Real Beauty Campaign
Threats of New Entry
Fairly easy to enter this industry.
Competitors can be found in the smallest markets, accessible at department stores.
Rivalry amoung Existing Firms
Direct Competitors:
Frederick of Hollywood
However, Victoria’s Secret is unique and different from their competitors.

External Environment Scan
Company Background
brand image
strong marketing mix –Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Variety of products

Majority of revenues come from the bras
Website not considered user friendly

Strategic Map
Founder of Victoria’s Secret
Was an American businessman that
Graduated from Tufts University and
Stanford School of business
Roy Raymond
Was influenced by a shopping trip to
A women's lingerie shop that he did for his wife

He opened his first Victoria’s Secret shop
In Northern California on June 12,1977

Him & his wife named the company after
The Victorian period during which the time their home was built

What Roy saw while searching for a nightgown for his wife Gaye Raymond.

Roy’s taste and preference in women’s lingerie has changed the way women shop for lingerie

Roy’s creativity :The idea of having this Victoria’s Secret store was for men to feel comfortable shopping for lingerie & it did accomplish this idea

Roy sold Victoria’s Secret to Leslie Wexner, who is the founder of Limited Brands LLC, for $5 million

The company now exceeds $13 billion, making it big for Wexner and the company

Strategic Posture
Victoria's Secret mission statement is the same as its parent company "Limited Brands"
"Limited Brands is commited to building a family of the world's best fashion brands offering captivating customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty & deliver sustained growth for our sharholders"
Angel Credit Card with reward points
Monthly reward coupons
Birthday coupons
Semi-Annual Sale
Customers not wanting a credit card
Change in preference
High prices
Fashion Show
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