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The Four C's of Customer Service

An engaging presentation designed to educate Workforce Development Professionals on providing excellent customer service

Courtney Juday

on 28 August 2011

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Transcript of The Four C's of Customer Service

The Four C's of Customer Service

By Courtney Juday Make it Comfortable Make it Consistent Make it Customized Make it Convenient Trust Value 1. Comfortable

2. Consistent

3. Customized

4. Convenient RELATIONSHIPS What percentage, on average, of our communication with other people is nonverbal? 77.5% + = = + DCF CASAS Keep customers' information
in a locked file cabinet My customer kind of looks like this guy... Review
Start positive and professional relationships on day one
Be concious of both verbal and nonverbal communication
Make sure your customers' feel their information is safe Hi Courtney. I found employment; I have been
very busy at my new job. I was told by a co-worker
at the Hartford branch that they would probably never pay for me to go back to school, since I have experience in the field. I just cannot believe that
they would continue to have me go to all of these appointments in Hartford especially when I was not employed. I thank that honest woman in Hartford for not wasting my time. The Nana Effect Review
Make sure we provide our customers with a consistent message
Avoid promises you can't keep
Reinforce postive customer behavior Get you know your customers Treat others how
THEY want to be treated Review
Look at customers as individuals
Get to know your customers
Adjust your style to suit their needs Provide your customers with options Review
Provide our customers with options
Be clear and concise WIA JFES DOL DSS Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Customer Service Comfortable
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