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Louis XVI and Frances Financial Problems

No description

Maddy Demaris

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Louis XVI and Frances Financial Problems

Solution:The king and queen should have listened to the Necker and should have provided the 98%
of people with food.

Solution for Starvation
Equal Taxation
Refraining from helping the Americans
Created By: Maddy D., Johnathan R., Carina G, Dennise L
How the wars affected the economy
Taxation for French Citizens
Starvation in France
Louis XVI and Frances Financial Problems

Due to the rising debt they were in the king had to accommodate his lack of money from somewhere.
Seven Year War and Helping the Americans
When king Louis XVI took the throne France had already lost the 7 Years War.
King Louis XVI helped the 13 colonies.
The reason France helped was because they hated Britain.
The 13 colonies won but France wasted money and got nothing in return.
King Louis was a luxurious man and spent way too much on materials instead of on France.
If France wouldn't have helped the 13 colonies then American probably would have lost.
But then France would have had more money
He was also executed during the French Revolution.
With the extra money they could have been able to:
Refraining from Helping the Americans
King Louis XVI was king from 1774 until 1791
Invest money in farms to increase crop production
King Louis XVI was executed for his betrayal to France and for attempting to sabotage them by secretly sending letters to Marie Antoniettes brother to attack France so he can be a Monarchy.
He was suspended from his throne for a year
The government could finance the experiments for new inventions
They could use the excess money to fund schools
King Louis XVI Background
Solution to expenses of King Louis XVI
Occurred after the Seven Years' War
The excess of royal parties and their lavish life styles resulted in a lack of food.
The king and queen did not want to feed the poor
Starvation in France
Possible Solution 1:
Not firing his accountant.
The weather affected the crops causing a lack of food
Started on May 1789
They decided to raise taxes for the 98% or the "Everyone else"
Taxation in France
- They could have started a Charity to provide the people with food.
-Other monarchs of Europe could have pitched in with money to be able to provide more people with food.
-The king and queen could have shared their food with the people that were starving instead of ignoring them.
If you tax the citizens based on their monthly yearly income then you eliminate the obstacle of lack of money for food and other necessities.
If you do this on a percentage this will also eliminate the burden of the lack of money to pay back war related debt.
Equal taxation
With the taxation of the poorest group in the french society it is no wonder why they were starving and could barely work.
Possible Solution 2:
not spending on non-valuable objects.
Possible Solution 3:
Instead of spending money on other unimportant things King Louis can try to do good for France and end starvation.

Possible Solution 4:
King Louis XVI can change is luxurious lifestyle and try to change his ways of spending.
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