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Strategic Planning and Management

No description

Romain Bosc

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Strategic Planning and Management

ASSESSING PROGRESS Measure whether the club is accomplishing it's goals, objectives and strategic initiatives

Monitoring and assessing progress should be continuous, occurring during the renovations as well as after completion Strategic Planning and Management Lancelot Barbier & Romain Bosc As the process moves forward, more membership input should be solicited.

1. Focus Groups

2. Club Surveys "A Club's VISION states a direction for the club and describes the destination" Strategic planning Retreat Foundational elements of strategy are created discussed, amended and decided Setting Ground Rules Situation analysis is a concept that has existed for many years Agreeing on the Need Most fundamental element : reaching an agreement on the need for the strategic plan Needs Assessment The preliminary research to assess the
needs of the club

Confidential Interviews
Minutes review
Financial review
Operational Audit
Environmental Scan Introduction & Plan Membership Input VISION SWOT ANALYSIS Agreeing on the need
Needs Assessment
Setting Ground Rules
Membership Input
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Planning Retreat
SWOT Analysis ACTION PLAN It is the realization or practical application of the strategic planning Strategy Statement
Action Plan
Assessing Progress Competitive Analysis Goals Objectives Strategy Statement Budgets . Confidential Interviews An effective way to discover the general feelings and climate of the club
"Tell me about your club experience - is it meeting your expectations ?" Minutes review Analysis of the minutes from board meetings (for the preceding 5-7 years)
Big-picture summary of the past (actions - situations - lawsuits ? Financial Review Similar to the minutes review: a comprehensive analysis of the club's financial statement Operational Audit Detailed analysis of the club's operating departments

Member surveys, secret shopper reports and confidential interviews will help to identify the operational flaws of the club Environmental Scan time consuming but vital

Competitive set
political , economic , social and technological trends that might affect the club The objective : to ensure that all participants can safely share ideas

4. MANAGE CONFLICT Authority Majority Minority Unanimity Consensus The leader has the final word in decision making. The participants serve ONLY as advisors Democratic decision making : the leader and the participants share their ideas and a final vote is won through majority Decision by authority. However the leader will allow a passionate minority to shape the decision All eligible voters voted on a decision, either for or against.

The 100% vote legitimizes the decision Decision by authority, however the leader will guide the debate in order to finde compromise between the different parties It creates a structure of continuity for the club governance Should the GM/COO facilitate and participate at the same time ? Does the club have sensitive issues ? Does the club understand the process ? USE OF A PROFESSIONAL FACILITATOR ? The establishment of the vision usually starts in the board meeting Compare your vision for the club with an automobile What model is the car ?
What is it's condition ?
What options does it have ?

STICK TO YOUR CLUB'S VISION Generic Business-Level Strategies Low Cost Leadership
Focused low-cost Leadership
Focused differentiation Low-cost leadership High sales at low cost that will appeal to a broad target market Differentiation A strategy that focuses on uniqueness and price

It creates a product/service for each type of market segment Focused low-cost leadership emphasizes on high sales at low cost to a narrow target market Focused differentiation Focuses on uniqueness and price but for a narrow market Connecting the Vision with Operations The club's vision should be so well-integrated into operations that even under stresfull conditions, everyone executes their duties in a manner consistent with the Vision DEFINE THE CLUB
RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRATEGY AND OPERATIONS Objectives include short term departmental aspirations and aims Objectives should be quantifiable Objectives should serve as steps towards achieving Goals MISSION S.W.O.T is a valuable tool for planning the strategic direction of a club It is both internal and external appraisal Strengths and Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats It is something positive or negative about the club
It is something that the club is good or bad at doinf
An Identified Strength may also help Identify a corresponding weakness
They are INTERNAL to the club Introduction Beginning of the strategic planning process An Opportunity is something that the club could explore capitalizing on
A Threat can come from any other external situation that presents a challenge for the club
Opportunities and threats from outside drive the club's internal strengths and weaknesses Focus Groups - Meet with a wide variety of members
- Work well when the groups are kept small Club Surveys - Identify and understand the needs, wants and expectations - Questions about the club in general & each of the club's operating and functional areas Guidelines to an effective club survey Internal Strengths - Decide on the purpose
- Assemble the questions
- Choose a time limit
- Plan a frequency
- Decide on the target audience
- Decide on a method for data collection and analysis
- Decide how the results will be disseminated Internal Weaknesses External Opportunities External Threats Growth Club New Bridge Club needs renovation 3 Methods :
1. Comprehensive Club Surveys
2. Regional Club Surveys
3. Ad Hoc Club Surveys Comprehensive Club Surveys - Data from hundreds of clubs
- Several geographic areas
- High number of respondents Regional Club Surveys The strategy is WHAT and the action plan is HOW Focus on one particular area Ad Hoc Surveys 2 or 3 of a particular club's closest competitors Questions ? - A mission is a broad description of a club's fundamental purpose
- Flows directly from the club's vision A mission statement should answer these questions . What do we do?

. How do we do it?

. For whom do we do it? Three elements to consider 1. Common features

2. Internal scans

3. External scans They ensure the fulfillment of the mission Distinction In Concepts - Strategic planning = before creating major goals & objectives

- Strategic implementation = creation of goals & objectives Goals differ in terms of timeline - Short-term operational goals : within 3 months
- Middle-term operational goals : within 6 to 12 months
- Long-term operational goals : 12 months or more - Enhancing differentiation
- Enhancing superiority
- Innovating
- Revolution
- Specific Strategies Specific strategies for Clubs - Surplus maximization
- Usage or targeted maximization
- Full/partial cost recovery
- Budget maximization
- Member satisfaction maximization
- Binding future boards Normal Capital Budgeting Instead of funding depreciation, clubs spend 2 or 3% of gross revenues on capital items (FF&E) Project Capital Budgeting Funds coming from capital reserves, supplemental monetary commitment from capital over time, assessment of the members Operations Budgeting How & when revenues will flow into the club and how & when expenses will flow out of it 3 types of budgeting s
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