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Sun Smart

No description

Shiyon Plomens

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Sun Smart

By Shiyon Manickatham
Sun Smart
Wearing a hat means that it should cover your head, face, neck and ears. If possible a hat should also give shade to your eyes. Your hat should be comfortable and provide ventilation. A lighter fabric structure is best.
Slap on a Hat
What you wear is important, try to cover as much as skin as possible. Long pants and a long sleeved shirt with a collar is best. Tightly woven fabric should be used and try not to stretch the fabric. Use darker coloured clothing.
Slip on Clothing
Check the use by date and store below 30°C. Apply it 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours. SPF 30 (or higher), water resistant sunscreen is recommended.
Slop on Sunscreen
Staying in the shade is a good idea. Shade can be anywhere and anything. Such as: shadows from buildings, trees, plants, grubs, umbrella and so on.
Seek Shade
Slide on Sunglasses
Your eyes also need to be protected and sunglasses should be worn if possible. Hats can also give shade to your eyes. Check if your sunglasses are suitable for driving.
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