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The Cheeseburger Essay

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Colin R

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of The Cheeseburger Essay

The Five Paragraph Essay
Cheese Burger Style

Prezi Presentation

Professor Karen Ruan

The Top Bun
The Essay's Introduction
The Introduction
must present the over all idea and cover every thing in the prompt just like the top of a bun covers a cheeseburger. It must also present the theme of the essay.

Topic Sentence:
Bono, lead singer and song writer of the rock band U2 has the rare and admirable quality of being a relationship keeper.
The Prompt

Read the prompt carefully and be sure to cover it completely in your
topic sentence.
Write about a celebrity that you admire. Tell why the celebrity is famous, and what makes him/her admirable
Why he is famous.
Paragraph one is the
of the cheese burger. This paragraph should explain the second most important idea supporting the topic.

Relationship between Bono and the band members.
met in high school - still together
Bono writes music & lyrics - doesn't leave to go solo.
The second paragraph is the
of the cheese burger. It contains the least interesting link, from a fan point of view, to the theme of relationship.
Theme: Bono's relationship with his wife.
Still married to his high school sweet heart
She is the brown eyed girl in many songs who he often says, "I thought this was the one for me, but she was already mine."
four children
The third body paragraph of the essay is considered the
of the cheeseburger. It will contain the most important link to the Essay's theme.
Many of the lyrics of Bono's songs are about his relationship with the Christian God.
Biblical themes and imagery are replete in the lyrics of many songs. (give specific examples here)
Some lyrics express a relationship including love, anger, and other emotions. (give specific examples here)
Bono describes the faithful relationship that God keeps with humanity in spite of human weakness
The Bottom Bun
The Conclusion of the Essay

The conclusion of the essay supports the cheeseburger. No new information is added to the conclusion, but all 3 middle paragraphs are briefly mentioned as well a repeat of the topic in different words.
The essay is done!

"With or Without You"
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