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Email Etiquette

No description

Hayes Price

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Email Etiquette

Business Letter
Email Etiquette
Today you will compose an email to a local business leader asking him or her what they think it takes to be a successful leader in the twenty-first century. Before we get started we must first learn the importance of email etiquette!
How to Keep Your Emails Short
1. Don't waffle on - get straight to the point.
2. Summarize the email to make sure it isn't too long.
3. The subject field can be a big help - it will allow the reader to quickly understand the purpose of the email.
The Content of the Email
1. You can be informal - but not sloppy.
2. Typing a whole email in capital letters gives the impression that you are shouting - remember that the tone in which you are writing cannot be heard.
3. Write like you would in a letter.
4. Do not use emoticons.
5. At the end of your letter, use a signature which includes your contact information.
Spelling & Grammar
It is essential that you can spell extremely well. If a professional reads an email that has incorrect spelling, they will gather the impression that you are lazy and uneducated.

Knowing the correct use of grammar is also essential.
Sending & Reviewing
1. Re-read your email.
2. Make sure you spell check your email before sending.
3. Ensure that you are going to be sending your email to the correct recipients
5. Attach your business letter to the email.
6. Send your email.
Congratulations! You now know how to create the perfect email.

Before you get started on your letter, let's set some ground rules as to what style of letter we want to write, what should be included, and what our main purpose is.
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