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Discrete Math Q1 Exam: Real World Applications

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Nick Galegher

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Discrete Math Q1 Exam: Real World Applications

Discrete Math Semester 1 Exam
- Nick Galegher

Real World Examples of Discrete Math
Weighted Voting
Fair Division
Fair Division
Division of goods or resources between people or corporations with entitlement to them, so that every party receives their due share
Dividing items to be assigned to people on a proportional basis with an organized, planned fashion
Weighted Voting
Voting based on the theory that not all voters are equal, giving some voters more say (weight) than others.
Ancient Roman Democracy
US Electoral College
Corporate shareholder meetings

US House of Representatives
Work hours vs Payment
Grant Money vs School enrollment
Rent payments
Cake cutting
Broadcasting rights
Divorce Settlements
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