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Hilton Grooming Standards

The Face of Hilton

Nikol Černá

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Hilton Grooming Standards

Colleague Presentation Policy
Grooming standards
"The face of Hilton"
Why are grooming standards &
first impression important?
First Impression
You decide -
Acceptable or
Non Uniformed Staff
Notes & Checklist
First Impression
You decide
Non uniformed staff
Notes and Checklist
16 seconds
Does first impression
The first impression is made within first
of meeting you
How is the
first impression made?
Lasting Impressions
How long does it take
to make lasting impression?
4 minutes
What helps to make
a positive first impression

Personal Presentation
examples are well dressed, smiling, good posture, positive body language
examples are being pro-active, caring and helpful, friendly, supportive, honest and sincere, responsive and dependable
examples are good knowledge of our products and services, experience and the ability to "make it happen”
What first impression
does this Team member create?

Posture, body language, welcoming smile
Takes care of all aspects of her appearance & grooming & implies a high standard of hygiene.
Demonstrates a ‘can do ‘ attitude to match guest expectations.
First Impression Checklist
Apply the checklist to yourself:
Do I feel proud and confident in myself?
Do I look and feel good?
What is my attitude saying?
Do I carry out my role with confidence?
Do I treat guests and my team as I would want to be treated… professionally and with respect?
Do I make guests and Team feel special?
Uniform, Shoes,
Tights & Socks
Uniforms are to be worn according to uniform standards
Correct shirts, trousers and shoes
Frayed edges, loose hems, missing buttons, rips, tears or strains
Plain black shoes with heels no higher than 3"/8 cm
No sandals, open back/front/side shoes, canvas shoes, platforms, stilettos, boots or moccasins -> Healst&Safety reasons
They must have non-slip soles
Women wearing trousers may wear black pop-socks
Men are to wear black socks
Bare legs are not permitted at any time, nor are pale socks
Hair, Nail, Cosmetics,
Perfumes & Aftershaves
Smart conventional hairstyle, suitable for a hotel environment
should be natural-looking without excessive gelling or spiking
hair colours
are acceptable, rainbow colours and garish dyes are not -> please consult with your manager before embarking on a wild hairstyle
Long hair
- tied back off the face using a plain discreet hair clasp
Preferably no
facial hair
, clean shaven daily
Well shaven - including no distracting nose, ear or eyebrow hairs
Beards, moustaches and sideburns clean and well-trimmed

Facial hair:
Facial hair:
Nicks and shaving cuts
Growing facial hair “on the job”

A pale
nail polish
, French or clear, is acceptable unless a colleague works with food
Jewellery & other Accessories
Hands and Nails
small items os appropriate jewellery
For safety reasons Team members do not wear items that are liable to catch on something
Team Members are asked not to wear items which may offend other Team members or guests (e.g. political symbol)
Hilton pin… right way up!
Name badges (on the left side of chest at all times)
Discreet and appropriate for the workplace
Appropriate, non-dangly watch
One chain may be worn around the neck (should be under collar)
One matching pair of sensible studs
One wedding ring plus one other plain ring
Clean & appropriate eyewear
Tattoos removed or covered
Hands and nails clean and well-cared for
Short nails, clear or pale nail varnish. Strictly no nail varnish when preparing food.
Over-sized rings/watches
Dangly earrings/bracelets/ watches/ eyeglass chains
Visible necklaces/chains
Sunglasses indoors
Inappropriate political or religious symbols
No visible tattoos are permitted
Dirty or stained hands or nails
Nails chewed, cuticles picked
False nails (gel is acceptable)

previous information plus following
Dark suit with a smart blouse
Shirt or pullover that fits well and coordinates with the suit
Scarf or necktie, as long as a smart, tidy appearance is maintained at all times
Dark suit with a smart, well-fitting shirt and a tie that both coordinate with the suit
Dark couloured shirts such as black, navy, etc. are not permitted
Skin, make-up & Teeth
Clean and well-looked after

Appropriate make-up

Only a hint of perfume/ aftershave

Well-brushed, fresh and clean

Body odour
Make-up marks on clothes
Food in teeth, lipstick on teeth
Smokers/garlic breath

Acceptable or Unacceptable?
Why should undergarments
not be visible through
outer clothing?

What does VPL mean?

Exceptions are allowed on religious grounds or medical certificates-> consult with your HOD
It is your responsibility to report necessary
repairs of your uniform
to your Line Manager and Executive housekeeper
High level of
personal hygiene
must also be maintained at all times:
washing hands regularly
showering/bathing on daily basis
using deodorants or other products to eliminate body odour
Team members are also required to adopt a
positive attitude
and body language, thereby creating an outstanding overall impression with both guests and Team Members
Good Grooming Hilton Checklist
Clean and free from odour
Hair - appropriate, well-groomed, off the face
Face clean-shaven/facial hair neatly trimmed, nicks and cuts covered
Face light, natural looking make-up
Teeth clean with fresh breath
Hands and nails clean, nails trimmed (not bitten)
No hanging jewellery
Tattoos and piercing covered
Right socks/tights, no skin showing and no ladders
No VPL or dark undergarment
Uniform correct and stain free

Any questions?
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