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Mob mentality in Lord of the Flies

No description

Meg Macke

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Mob mentality in Lord of the Flies

Mob mentality in Lord of the Flies
The seperation of the tribe
Mob mentality
descibes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors or follow trends.
Textual evidence
"all right then," he said in tones of deep meaning, and menance, "all right."
He held the conch against his chest with one hand and stabbed the air with his index finger.
"who thinks ralph oughnt to be cheif?"
he looked expectantly at the boys ranged round, who had frozen. Under the palms there was deadly silence.
In chapter 9 a veiw to death
during the feast jack orders others to do things and they do just like mob mentality explains.
The seperation
points of mob mentality
-Jack convinces them to join his tribe
-when others leave to go to his tribe other people follow
-jack and his hunters do a dance and chant when they kill pigs
Ralph's tribe changes
When back at camp Ralph and Piggy notice that all thats left is Samn'Eric and a few little'uns . Piggy said that he saw Roger and Maurice leave that night with a few other people. By this time they are the only ones remaining.
Ralph's Tribe Changes cont.
This shows mob mentality because when Jack first announced that he was making his own tribe no one went with him but after Maurice and Roger decided to leave everyone wanted to follow.
Mob mentality real life
The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 is an example of mob mentality. Two girls started acting strange and were thought to be possessed because of witches. The town was already paranoid of witches so at this news they went crazy. Salem officials started arresting people who were thought to be witches and the whole town went along with it.
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