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The development of pop music from the 1950's to 2000's

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sarah bishop

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of The development of pop music from the 1950's to 2000's

The development of pop music from 1950's to 2000's In the 1950's rock 'n' roll, R&B, blues, swing music, country music and rockabilly defined the 1950's. Pop music had replaced the wave of big band swing that happened after WWII. These styles dominated the 1950's. Artists include Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry. Come fly with me was an album made by Frank Sinatra in 1958 of course including he hit record 'Come fly with me' Which has been popular ever since it has been released and has been re-done my artists such as Michael Buble. The 1950's The 1960's is most revolutionary for the birth of rock music. Unlike the 1950's this was a completely different genre that definitely defines the 1960's. In 1964 we also saw the start of radio broadcasting, something which would impact and change the way in which we listen to music today. It started off as pirate radio stations and allowed them to listen to the music. In today's society radio is listened to world wide and has become a massive part of our culture. There are also many different radio stations to counter for everyone's taste. Artists included Cream, Jimmi Hendrix, The Kinks, Led zeplin and The Beatles. 1960's The 1970's saw the continuing of the development of rock and well as introducing punk rock, glam rock, disco, funk and smooth jazz. the 1970's was very similar to the 1960's in terms of style, rock playing a big part in both of them. in 1979 the Sony Walkman was invented. This was the first means of transporting music around in every day life. Hence the name you can literally walk around with it anywhere you want. This trend started the development which would later lead to the latest technology in music listening technology. The 1970's included artists like Free, Pink Floyd, Steve Harley and The Cockney Rebels, Status Que and Queen. 1970's The song is very blues and jazzy following on from the style of music from WWII. The track used a big band which was very common in this decade of music. The song follows a rather unusual structure because it does not have a chorus. It is structured verse - bridge - verse 2 - solo section - repeat bridge - repeat verse 2. She loves you by The Beatles was one of The Beatles biggest hits. The song has a very random structure but includes many vocal harmonies something which The Beatles were renowned for. She loves you was also the first song ever to be heard by an American audience which spread their popularity even further. The use of their controversial lyrics 'yeah, yeah, yeah' also had a great impact and effect for their image. IT uses bass guitar, drums, guitar and vocals. The first and most remembered members of The Beatles were John Lennon, Paul McCarthy, George Harrison and Ringo star. Down Down by Status Que was released in 1975 and follows a rather unique chords structure. Status Que build most of there songs only using 3 chords. it uses vocals, drums and guitars and similarly to the Beatles has very prominent harmonies. It was typically categorized as hard rock. Members include Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Brown, John Edwards and Matt letley. More new genres of rock started to emerge like soft rock and new wave as well as dance and disco music. In 1982 the compact disk was introduced as well as the first CD players. This took off even more than the Walkman because it took on a new dimension to music listening. Bands from the 80's include Stevie Wonder, Bon jovi, Blondie, Jenifer Rush and Guns 'n' Roses. 1980's The tide is high was released by Blondie in 1980 itself and explores the genre of reggae. The usual pop/rock punk band has created a song using a massive reggae influence. The song was very popular and was later used by 1990's band atomic kitten. Pop music in the 1990's started to include teen rock and a lot more girl and boy bands such as Destiny's Child. Hip hop, R&B and urban music also became a massive part of this decade. unlike the 1980's this was a massive genre change leading into what we now call modern music but still using influences from the 80's. In 1998 MP3 files were created. This was a massive step in music technology and meant that people could down load and listen to music from the internet all over the world. 90's music included artists like Nivarna, Eminem, Oasis, Beautiful South and Madonna. 1990's A little time by the beautiful south was released in 1990. They were branching into alternative rock and pop rock. The song shows a massive contrast between male and female vocals which also shows contrast between high and low pitch voices. It is almost like a role play between two characters. The song also contrasts a lot between slow and fast speeds. Teen pop, Bubblegum pop and hip hop continue to develop in this decade. It is quite similar to the 1990's with quite a lot of its influences. The 2000's started to show a much bigger development in girl and boy bands which has continued to be a big part of our music culture now. The 2000's showed probably one of the most significant technological advancements that has ever been developed. MP3 players and the more commonly known IPOD's were invented. IPOD's have changed the way in which we listen to music, allowing us to download MP3 copies of songs onto a small sized music players. This then lead onto the invention of MP4 players which allowed you to watch the music video as well. 2000's music included artists like James Blunt, Linken Park, Busted, Plain White T's and Enrique Englasias. 2000's 3AM by Busted is a slow rock song which uses influences of ballad.It's structure is verse - bridge - chorus - verse 2 - bridge - chorus - bridge - chorus. There are use of harmonies in the chorus. The bands three members are called Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis. They play guitar bass and vocals bu they have a resident drummer that plays at shows and in recording and if they dont then Charlie sometimes plays. 1950's Frank Sinatra
Elvis Presley
Chuck Berry 1960's Cream
Jimmi Hendrix
The Kinks
Led Zeplin
The Beatles 1970's Free
Pink Floyd
Status Quo
Queen 1980's Stevie wonder
Bon Jovi
Jenifer Rush 1990's Nivarna
Beautiful south 2000's James blunt
Linken park
Plain white t's 1960's technology in the 1950's It was also the introduction of vinyl records. In 1950 itself the company RCA introduced the first 12 inch LP. This transformed the way we listen to music. Before the introduction of vinyl you could only listen to music if you went to see it live however vinyl allowed people to listen to the music they love from their own home.
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