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The Carbon Cycle

No description

Fiona Arora

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Carbon Cycle

This is a Short story on my life as a "Carbon Atom" by Fiona Arora.

I am a Carbon Atom in a Carbon Molecule, Oxygen Atoms float with me.
Let me show you my life cycle...
Photosynthesis is when the WEC GO cycle occurs. W- Water; that's why humans water the plants, E- Energy; every plant needs light from the sun, C- Carbon dioxide; carbon dioxide is produced by factories- the smoke, the rotting of plants, volcanic eruptions etc. I am used in the plant to produce G- Glucose and O- Oxygen as I am a carbon atom through tiny holes in leaves called stomata. Humans eat the glucose- sugars. In this process I turn into a carbonate molecule.
When the plant respires at night it follows the GO WEC. (the opposite of photosynthesis) In this stage the plant uses stored Glucose and oxygen to survive without the sun. Glucose and Oxygen make water, Energy and carbon dioxide for the plant to survive the night. It survives by releasing the water, carbonate molecules into the atmosphere. These main actions are done by the cells in the plant, the mitochondria is where the reaction is formed.
That is when I am released into the air as a carbon atom...
Later on,when I have been used in plants cycle's, older plants starts to rot by bacteria, fungi and ants that eat up the wood, leaves and more into carbon dioxide. Some of the parts of the plant like leaves fall down onto the soil and build layers and layers on top of each other.
My Life as a Carbon Atom
Fossil Fuel formation
After millions of years, the plants that used me to photosynthesize, were decomposed into the soil building layers and layers above the rotted plant, the oil, coal and gas are formed by extreme pressure and high temperatures underground. Did you know, humans have used so many fossil fuels by digging them out of the Earth!
All carbon-containing compounds like wood, gas, oil and coal and etc. the humans use the compounds that they have dug out and burn them with oxygen and turn them into carbon dioxide. That is when more of me are produced, the cycle continues! Humans are destroying the cycle and soon there will be no food or plants they can harvest!
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