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Oil & Fossil Fuels


will gains

on 2 February 2010

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Transcript of Oil & Fossil Fuels

Fossil FUels: OIL Advantages Oil is a ready-made fuel.
Relatively cheap to extract and to convert into energy.
Very good source of energy in such a small concentration.
Used to power most modern day motors.
Oil is one of the most abundant energy resources
Liquid form of oil makes it easy to transport and use
Oil has high heating value
Relatively inexpensive
No new technology needed to use
Where is it from? Formed from fossilised plants and consisting of carbon with various organic and some inorganic compounds.
Mined from seams of coal, found sandwiched between layers of rock in the earth.
Burnt to provide heat or electricity. Disadvantages When burnt, it gives off atmospheric pollutants, including greenhouse gases.
It is only going to get more expensive as it runs out.
Oil burning leads to carbon emissions
Finite resources (some disagree)
Oil recovery processes not efficient enough—technology needs to be developed to provide better yields
Oil drilling endangers the environment and ecosystesm
Oil transportation (by ship) can lead to spills, causing environmental and ecological damage (major oil spill near Spain in late Fall 2002) Oil rigs are common now and they
are used to extract the oil from under
the sea bed. This is well known as a common sight in
America, its known as a nodding donkey
and is used to extract oil from deep under the
ground from the time when there were vast oceans
across america. Issues The world consumes more than 65 billion barrels of petroleum each day. By 2015 the consumption will increase to 99 billion barrels per day.
Fossil fuels such as oil take billions of years to form.
In 1996, the Energy Information Administration estimates of crude oil reserves were 22 billio nbarrels. In 1972, the estimate was 36.3 billion barrels.

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