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Saving the Wetlands! By Connor .

No description

Ms. McTurk

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of Saving the Wetlands! By Connor .

Insect infestation.
One way we can help is by finding insects and put them on the plants. this will let them lay eggs stopping seeds from growing.
This is why I think we should protect the wetlands. Also to keep them healthy.
This is just one hazard.
Purple loose strife is a very painul plant to get rid of but there are many more threats.
Purple Loosestrife
This plant blocks other plants from growing. It's seeds grow faster than other plants. It can even wipe out a wetland from all its green's.
Saving the Wetlands! By Connor .
What we can do.
One thing we can do is to pull it out and burn it. Also rip out seeds.

A use for beetles.
The best insect for the job is beetles. they will go straight for the purple loose strife plants to lay their eggs.
Some friends.
Other hazards may include Zebra mussels or Nutria or Mute swans.
More and more beetles!
The beetle's love to eat the purple loose strife plants. So they can help a lot.
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