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Martin Garrix (Martijn Gerritsen)

No description

bas van bork

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Martin Garrix (Martijn Gerritsen)

A small sample
Martin's passion towards music started when he was only 4 by learning to play the guitar at that age. His actual musical career started when he saw Tiesto perform at the Olypmic stadium of Athene when he was 8 in 2004. After this he collected all his change an bought his first DJ equipment. He says that he really wasn't trying to accomplish anything in the beginning but more playing around with the music than making actual tracks. After a few years he started to create real tracks which were a huge success among the dutch community. Martin's first release was "BFAM" with a dutch friend of his, Julian Jordan. This track put Martin in the spotlight and soon Spinnin' Records asked Martin to sign a contract with him. He accepted and since then he has brought out many tracks with Spinnin' Records. His most famous song is "Animals which was released on June 17th, 2013. With over 200 millions Youtube it is the most viewed musical video of a Dutch DJ ever.
An interview with Martijn in which he stated that his greatest influence is Tiesto's song "Traffic". Tiesto is another famous Dutch DJ. He says he wants to have giant festivals just like Tiesto and wants to eventually be awarded for being the best DJ in the World. I think Martin is affecting the Dutch teenage community alot with his music. Because I have noticed that a lot of Dutch teenagers have bought some sort of DJ equipment to play around with just like Martin did.
Martijn Garritsen went to Keizer Karel College where he completed most of his education until he got multiple shows in one week. "Five or Six shows in the end of the week and then Monday to school did not work so well." Because of this Martijn transferred to the Herman Brood Academie. This school enabled him to continue his musical career as he says the school would take notice of his musical activities. This allowed him to pursue his musical dreams and to continue his tours and shows.
Martijn Garritsen was born in Amsterdam 14th of May in the year of 1996. When he was 4 years old his parents bought a guitar for him which Martin, as a small child, loved to play for hours. Because Martin is still so young and not yet world famous not much is known about his earlier life.
Martin Garrix (Martijn Garritsen)
Right now Martin Garrix is doing a tour around the world. And his next show will be on the 4th of April Locarno, Switzerland.

Most of Martin Garrix's songs consist of a "bass drop" building up and one word or a small sentence which re enforces the title of the song but also re enforces the bass drop. Some obvious examples of this are his songs; Animals , Wizard, Keygen and Crackin'. His Genre is House music.


"ITSA" (with Sleazy Stereo) [Crowd Control]
"Keygen" [Spinnin' Records]
"BFAM" (with Julian Jordan) [Spinnin' Records]
"Registration Code" (with Jay Hardway)


"Torrent" (with Sidney Samson) [Musical Freedom Rec.]
"Error 404" (with Jay Hardway) [DOORN Records]
"Just Some Loops" (with TV Noise) [Spinnin Records/on compilation Loop Masters Essential, Volume 2]
"Animals" [Spinnin' Records]
"Trojan" (with Sidney Samson) [Musical Freedom Records]
"Gamer" (with Bassjackers; as GRX) [DOORN Records]
"Wizard" (with Jay Hardway) [Spinnin' Records]


"Helicopter" (with Firebeatz) [Spinnin' Records]
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