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Create Your Poster with Impact

Features of a poster

Louise Tredinnick

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Create Your Poster with Impact

A poster is a visual
The message is clear Is seen quickly Zip clutter
Choose the few words wisely Work on poetic devices Alliteration
Art Principles colour
focal point
Target your audience Purpose Ask yourself
What do you want the reader to do?
Engage in discussion?
Get information?
Change attitude?
Formal,slang? The perfect match
purpose / poster Sell your poster
sell it well
sell it fast
every second counts it's all in a title surface looks count audience appeal A poster that works for you just doesn't work for me.
We're all different
It's about me - the reader
Not you - pat yourself on the back but get that message to me! content is important but keep it tight
Squeeze words for purity of thought express yourself Be creative keep facts factual
delve deep into abstraction Symbolism - visuals are powerful
inference - reading between the lines
dark colour - evil, dishonest
light - truth, hope, reaching out

Ain't that the truth language Active voice
Vivid description
Words with attitude

be yourself awesome action Pictures

inject lingering thoughts meaning of colour https://oncourse.iu.edu/access/content/user/rreagan/Filemanager_Public_Files/meaningofcolors.htm The Power of a Poster Every mark counts meaning of symbols How do I achieve symbolism?
1. Think - What is your concept?
e.g. anger
2. How is this represented in a concrete object - 'outside in' ? e.g. aggressive action
3. How could I draw this from 'inside out"? e.g. my interpretaion e.g. clenched fist
A poster tells a story -
What is your story? No more than 3 fonts group information
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