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Daniel Lopez

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of HATCHET

Gary Paulsen
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
he had things he knew about him self right away
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Heart attack chapter 2
The pilot had a heart attack Brian did not know what to do he stopped he couldn't move like if his arms and legs
took lead.He took the radio and heard someone's voice on it. The plane ran out of gas he pushed the nose down and he threw up.
He thought he was going to die.He saw a ''L'' shaped lake to land on,that was his plan, to land on a lake because he thought he would die crashing on the trees.
Brian Robeson is a kid that is 13 years old and his parents are divorced he is on a plane to visit his dad in ,Canada . He is not a big fan of the words:Divorce,The secret,Fights,Split.He dosn't like those words because it reminds him of his parents divorcing.His mom gave him a hatchet
that had a brass metal and rubber
the ugly word
chapter 1
chapter 4
He crashed ,choking he vomit inside the lake he got out he was at point of depression and leaned on a tree he closed his eyes he remembered the secret:Terry and him went on a bike trail and took another route back he saw a wagon that was caring his mom and a guy with a white shirt and blond hair,he saw them when Terry had smiled at him and looked over Terry's head .he got filled with hate.he was was going back and forth on reality and imagination but both where real,both happened already.The insects where not possible they where attacking him they where killing him like a feast for bugs and mosquitoes so viciously he almost cried in frustration.

The hatchet
like his mouth was dry really dry, when he saw the lake he wanted to drink water from it but then he thought about the pilot, he didn't want to think about it so much "so the water was fresh "besides I probably drank a lot during the crash"so he drank a sip he couldn't stop himself,he drank till his stomach was sore,he was still hungry he thought of his teacher mr.Perpich he put all of his 'equipment' on the floor he still had his hatchet he remembered "you are the best thing you will always have"he wishes he was with Mr.Perpich because he though he would help him and knew a lot of stuff. at least that's what he thought.He made a little shelter to be protected. =}

Brian was hungry he walked 200yards for berry's he ate a lot of berry's after that he made a pouch with the windbreaker to carry the berry's to his shelter he ate so much that he started to vomit he saw watery red.when he saw the sun he started to figure out the time it was.The mosquitoes started biting and chewing of him,that made it difficult for him to sleep.
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