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Updated AIESEC SFU EB 2013 Year Plan & LFA's

Updated as per June 1st Induction Day


on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Updated AIESEC SFU EB 2013 Year Plan & LFA's

"Local leaders with a passion for creating international impact by providing opportunities for growth." AIESEC SFU
Year Plan 2013 1. Exchange Culture 2. Member Development 100% of EPs contribute to the LC in One Way:
Attend a GA
Make a presentation
Attend a social
Join a portfolio
Attend a conference
Write a blog post/article 100% Members trained in OGX and CR within 2 months of joining. 8 AIESEC members matched to an internship in 2013 (X+L). Continuous goal-setting sessions and personal development checklist. Smooth integration of new recruits into the Local Committee:
100% of new members onboarded Develop a strong leadership pipeline by strengthening:
Greater than 1 VP applicant per position Increase member engagement and participation:
60% of general members attend GAs, conferences, and social events 100% of members have basic knowledge of branding AIESEC. 3. External Awareness Maintain a consistent, distinguishable brand image to external and campus stakeholders. Partnership management:
Clear expectation setting
Active promotion
Hosting stakeholder focused events External engagement:
Focus on our core work to bring in interns OGX GOALS GIP Re: 5
GCDP Re: 20 ICX GIP Re: 5 Total = 30 X Re!! OGX ACCOMPLISHED GIP Re: 1
GCDP Re: 4 ICX GIP Re: 2 Total = 7 X Re OGX GAPS GIP Re: 4
GCDP Re: 16 ICX GIP Re: 3 GAP: 23 X Realizations How will YOU contribute to the goals of our LC? OGX 2012 Results GIP/GCDP Re: 20 ICX GIP Re: 3 Total = 23 X Re!!
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