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Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

No description

Corinne DeSpain

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars Photo Essay

How did it work?
Not uniformed?
Wednesday Wars Photo Essay
Mrs. Baker Photo Essay
By Corinne DeSpain
This photo signifies that Mrs. Baker did want to help Holling because she cared and she didn't hate him at all. Nearing the end of the book, she revealed many secrets including that she was a gold medalist track runner in the Olympics! This helped Holling in his race because she was there to give him motivational support and to give him advice on how to run properly to become faster. Holling got a huge boost in confidence and at this moment the true character of Mrs. Baker was revealed. Also, at this time Holling learns that the world actually isn't out to get him and Mrs. Baker does not have a grudge on him because he is a Presbyterian.
It is revealed that Mrs. Baker does have a husband in the Vietnam War. In class, she receives a letter from one of the other teachers saying her husband is missing in action. However, none of the students know why she opened a message and ran out of the classroom crying. The MIA is most used for the military, meaning that your husband, wife, family member or dear friend that has no family has either been taken captive, they are dead and the body can not be found, they have fled the area and have not come back, or they have just not been accounted for. At the very end of the book her husband does return home even after the MIA message was received. This took a lot of pressure off of Mrs. Baker showing that this was concerning her.
The draft letter relates to Mrs. Baker a lot because it is concerning her husband. The draft letter was a way to get more troops in the war so they could have a better chance of winning and a better army. Every body had to get a draft letter when they turned 18.
Some people actually burnt the draft letters in protest. After the draft letters were sent out, numbers of the year (1-366) were put into a glass jar and were picked one by one. The first was 258 September 14 and the last was September 24.
People started to notice that it was unfair. This was because people born in December had to go to war earlier and people born earlier in the year could hold back and wait to be sent into war. The pulling of numbers was originally promised to be uniformed but there was a huge disagreement when it was not.
The cream puff was one of the first hints that Mrs. Baker really didn't hate him and that Holling was "judging a book by its cover". It was just out of his perspective when he thought that Mrs. Baker was glaring at him. After some weeks of Holling helping clean the class, he was set to the task of bringing up multiple trays of cream puffs for a Wives of Vietnam War Soldiers by Mrs. Baker. When he brought them
up, she allowed Holling to take one of them for himself. Why would someone give someone they hated a nice (non--poisoned) cream puff? She did this because he had the wrong idea of Mrs. Baker in the first place. Once Holling bought cream puffs to give to the class, but the rats ate them. So then Mrs. Baker saves him by buying another set of cream puffs for him after his parents refused to.
William Shakespeare helped Mrs. Baker and Holling Hoodhood bond together on Wednesdays. It also helped because when Holling went to go get cream puffs when he didn't have any money Shakespeare helped because Mr. Goldman needed another part for his play. He auditioned and got the part and the cream puffs. Just like with Mrs. Baker, Holling thought he would hate Shakespeare but it turned out that he started to like his stories.
When Holling played Ariel in the play,
he rushed after he finished to go see Mickey Mantle. When Mickey Mantle refused to sign something to a boy wearing yellow tights, Mrs. Baker told Joe Pepitone and Horace Clarke from the Yankees to come and play ball with him, Doug Swieteck and Danny Hupfer. This is because Mrs. Bakers brother owned the Stadium in which the Yankees played. Mrs. Baker cared about Holling after all.
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