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heat charger


Ro Anna

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of heat charger

the END thank you The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa

Two type of thermoelectric unit
- Seebeck
- Peltier PROJECT Design of Prototype METHODOLOGY What is Thermoelectric ? WASTE HEAT SEEBECK MAIN
CIRCUIT BOOSTER CHARGE HP BLOCK DIAGRAM waste heat thermocouple main circuit boost converter multi connector charge handphone HEAT CHARGER PROBLEM STATEMENT new method is required to reuse waste heat as an alternative source of energy

doesn't have portable power supply for charging digital products OBJECTIVE to design a portable power supply from waste heat.

to obtain a green energy from heat and convert it to electricity energy

to produce a new product and give more benefit to consumer, thus can use anywhere and anytime. SCOPE this project which is can convert the heat energy to an electrical energy using thermoelectric converter.

step-up the voltage to 5V

flexible and portable LIST OF
COMPONENT Thermocouple - Seebeck
Rechargeable battery AAA NiMH
Aluminum sheet
Aluminum heat shrink
Booster + Multi connector
Diode Schottky
Diode – LED indicator
Switch – DPDT
Circuit board MATERIAL / COMPONENT seebeck effect prototype holder seebeck Portable
generator circuit casing identify need define problem research set constraint set criteria analysis decision specification COMPLETE PROTOTYPE MAIN CIRCUIT BOOST CONVERTER
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