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The Wonderful World Of Snowflakes

No description

J Kostenbader

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of The Wonderful World Of Snowflakes

Where Are Snowflakes Made?
Snowflakes are made in very interesting ways. Believe it or not, snowflakes are actually formed in the clouds. the temperature and dampness of the cloud constantly changes, which affects the shape of each snowflake. They are many ic crystals stuck together.
What Types Of Snowflakes Are There?
Snowflakes can be categorized into 6 main types known as plate, column, stars, dendrite, lacy, needle, and capped column. As a matter of fact, all snowflakes are a combination of 6 simple chemical reasons. Though, technically, there are 35 recognizable types of snowflakes, but these are the easiest to identify.
How Are Snowflakes Made?
Well, ater droplets freeze and become ice particles. Once the clouds are full of these ice particles, it releases them into the sky, and they drop to the ground. (which is us) Sometimes the snow is very fine and powdery, and the snowflakes become quite simple in design. (depending if its extremely cold or not)
The Wonderful World Of Snowflakes
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