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Prezi Power

No description

Michelle Pitts

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Power


Why use Prezi?
Prezi engages the audience in a way that PowerPoint
can not match. Slides with important information can be lost in the “death by PowerPoint” boredom. But even the boring can earn a “WOW” with Prezi. It makes
your audience more interested in what you are saying.
The basics…
There is a learning curve to Prezi (because it works
differently from PowerPoint or Keynote)- but once you understand the basics, it soon becomes quicker to make a Prezi. Here is how it works.
To type:
Click anywhere on the canvas to start typing. Previously
you had to stick to the font colors chosen using the
colors and fonts section. Now you can edit the color
of any block of text using the little color box. You can also
justify right, left, or center, or even use bullets.

The Prezi Toolbar:
From Left to Right, here are the functions of the toolbar:

In this bar, you can save, undo, redo, and watch your Prezi
in presentation view.

What is a Prezi?

Prezi is a "zooming presentation software" that allows you to present information in a visually arresting way. You can create on a limitless canvas and navigate around the canvas in any way you want- zooming in and out, leaping from place to place. You can present the same information as you would with a slide-based format, or throw out the rule book!
The flexibility and freshness make it a popular alternative to PowerPoint. Sign up for a free account at http://prezi.com or download the app at your app store.
The frames and arrows button is very
important. Frames (and invisible frames)
form the basis of the structure of your Prezi.
The insert button is what you use to give your
presentation some visual flair. You can add images and
videos, or add symbols and shapes.

The path section is where you
can reorder the sequence that
your Prezi follows:

The Themes (template) button is used to decide the overall look and feel of your Prezi.
It is best to decide this at the start, rather than changing it later. Don’t be afraid to use the
“Customize Current Theme” option at the bottom, to get the Prezi exactly how you want it.

The Share Button is useful as it allows you to
download the Prezi, to present it online.

When you click on
anything it becomes framed
(as shown here.) To allow you to
manipulate it. Use the handle to
move it around, the + to make it
bigger or the – to make it smaller, or you can
use the little circle that appears at the
corners to rotate it. For text,
double-clicking allows you to
edit, change the color and font, etc.
Delete will delete the entire box.

In addition to the basics above, it’s worth
noting how you move around the canvas in
edit mode in order to get to the objects you
want to edit.
Clicking and holding anywhere there is not an
object will then allow you to move the
canvas around under your mouse pointer.
Zooming in and out is most easily done with
the mouse wheel. There are plus
and minus icons present on the far
right of the screen in the Edit mode which
will do the same thing.
Here are 7 tips to make a really good Prezi:

Michelle Pitts
TAPP Coordinator
Griffin RESA

It’s easy to avoid this by just jotting down on a piece of paper what you want
to put on it, and then arranging it into some kind of structure before you get as
far as opening Prezi.

Prezi allows you to chose
from set themes (which
dictate color, scheme, fonts,
and style) or to customize
any theme to create your own.
What you can’t do is mix and
match throughout your
presentation- so for example
my Prezi is the same pink
color because that is what I set
my “Title” color to in the theme
So pick a theme and stick to it.
If you decide to change things
later it can alter your carefully
aligned elements.
A sure-fire way to make your audience feel ill, is to…
Make random changes in perspective

between elements
and oscillate wildly around the canvas.
There’s often no need to do any of this. Try to move around the canvas in a coherent fashion and only include a few changes of angle. And most of all:
Frames are the way you control
what the viewer sees, and how
close up they see it.
There are three types of frames,
which will look different according
to the theme you have selected.
Invisible Frames, on the other hand, don’t get used as much but are actually
much more useful.
(BTW-this is in an invisible frame)
Once I increased size on the first box to match
size of the bottom box the bottom one is
highlighted with a blue frame.
Ultimately, the easiest way to ensure a cohesive style is to literally copy and paste information than edit it. So if you want a chunk of text A to match a chunk of text B, just
copy a chunk of text A and paste into the new position, then edit to say whatever you want a chunk of text B to say…Same goes with positioning frames and so on.

DO NOT go Upside Down without good reason!
It is
Time to...
Resource that may help:
Free Prezi for Dummies PDF-
A Prezi is often characterized as ineffective if it has a "made up as they went along" vibe. It's difficult to create a good Prezi on the fly. You can keep adding more and more things so that it literally spirals out of control.
The “path” of your Prezi (the order in which you go from object
to object on the canvas) is very important to the user’s experience.
You can have totally free-form Prezi where users just click on frames
or hidden frames, but most Prezis require a path to guide the viewer
(or, if you’re presenting live, to guide you) through the presentation.

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