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Current Issues In Leadership Development

No description

kashif khan

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Current Issues In Leadership Development

Current Issues in Leadership Development Emotional Intelligence The ability to manage our emotions in social relationships. 5 Critical Components of Emotional Intelligence Self Awareness Self Regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skills Transactional Leadership VS Interactive Leadership Transactional Leadership Directive and assertive behaviour
Command and control approach
Role and duty are important
Rely on standard forms of rewards and punishment to control
Power enforces completion of task Interactive Leadership Emphasizes on participation
Motivates Followers
Focus on communication, listening to other and quality work
Democratic and respectful towards others
Possess good vision, rhetorical and management skills, to develop strong emotional bonds Male Female The FUTURE OF LEADERSHIP rests on one’s ability to lead through openness, positive relationships, support and empowerment. 3 Essentials of Good “Old – Fashioned” Leadership Defining and establishing a sense of mission Accepting leadership as a responsibility rather than a rank Earning and retaining the trust of others Moral Leadership Ethical Leadership Integrity Authentic Leadership “Effective leadership… is not based on being clever; it is based on primarily being consistent.” Case Study
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