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Old School

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Health

By: Agustine, Gage, Jeremy, and Eddie

Why are fruits healthy
what types of fruits are there
eat healther
2 out of 3 people need to eat more fruits and vegetables other
than junk food. People eat things like fast food
because its faster and cheaper. Eating healthy
costs a lot more and some people cant afford
it if you cant afford eating healthy all the time
you can at least eat partly healthy

Question comments
Fruits are good for the body. It gives more energy and gets you healthier. Fruit can help you from getting cancers. Eating fruit can give you a less time of getting heart a attack.
*Oranges and many more!
food chart
Monday:{Breakfast:eggs and sausage Lunch:salad Dinner:Vegetables,apples and chicken}
Tuesday:{Breakfast:fruit,egg n cheese burrito Lunch:pears and a pbj sandwich Dinner:steak and vegetables}
Wednesday:{Breakfast:yogurt,pears and a granola bar Lunch:watermelon,burger Dinner:chicken,and or
Thursday:{Breakfast:omelet Lunch:salad Dinner:Carrots,broccoli and salmon}
Friday:{Breakfast:eggs sausage Lunch:chicken salad Dinner:carrots potatoes and tuna
Saturday:{Breakfast:rice chex Lunch:strawberry shake
Sunday:{Breakfast:cherios Lunch:turkey sandwich Dinner:steak,squash
Monday You should be lifting weights for 20 minutes then do jumping jacks.
Tuesday You should at least be jogging for an hour or 2
Wednesday You should eat eleven fruits after weights.
Thursday You should always run every morning .
Friday Every morning you should make a fruit smoothy.
Saturday Always eat healther during breakfast
Sunday You can always go to a gym and work out.

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